Scholarly biography and interests

A cultural researcher, writer and photographer, Dora Carpenter-Latiri's work examines the dialogue of cultures and communities on either side of the Mediterranean in France and North Africa, focussing on the way identities are built by those communities and how they are perceived from the outside. Her publications deal with language and intercultural issues, migration, representations of minorities in film and literary productions, memory and first person narratives.

She has a number of specific focusses: linguistically in investigating how French and Arabic are taught and used in Tunisia and North Africa and how these languages are used on websites, historically through the legacy of the Algerian wars, culturally in how North African identities are represented in French film and popular music, and socially in the complex issue of the Islamic headscarf and on discourses on sexualities on Tunisian women’s blogs.

Dr Carpenter-Latiri's wide-ranging expertise allows her to examine language and intercultural problems as well as migration, minorities and their representation in the cinema and literature. Using, as for example in her article Visites de la synagogue de La Goulette, visual anthropology methods to describe and analyse rituals in a synagogue in La Goulette, Tunisia.

Her publications have developed from broader research on identity, gender, migration, culture and representations in discourse and in the arts, with extensive work on the Jews of Tunisia, a small surviving Jewish minority in the Arab world. Dora Carpenter-Latiri publishes also on Arab cinema with work on Benguigui, Kechiche, regular contributions to debates about contemporary Arab films, and a photographic essay, The sacrificial sheep in French North African migration cinema: displacements and reappropriations in a special issue on North African Cinema for Journal of African Cinemas.

As a photographer, Dr Carpenter-Latiri held her first solo exhibition, La Goulette plurielle in Tunis, between December 2012 and January 2013. Her photographic work 'Torsion, 2013' is now part of the Luciano Benetton's Imago Mundi collection and was part of the 'Turbulence' exhibition shown in Rome in November and December 2014 and the Venice Biennale in 2015. Her post-Tunisian revolution travel narrative Un amour de tn - Carnet photographique d'un retour au pays natal, was published by Elyzad in December 2012.

Dr Dora Carpenter-Latiri was born in Tunisia and has lived and studied in Paris. She has a wide knowledge of the Arab world, with periods in Sudan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. She came to academia after a first career in educational publishing and lexicography, working with Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Le Robert. She began teaching at the University of Tunis in 1994 and moved to the University of Brighton in 1997, where her experience in North Africa led her to research in the interface between France and the Maghreb.


Featured works and projects

The Ghriba in the Island of Jerba

Dora Carpenter-Latiri has international research interests in language, linguistics and identity.

Islamic Scarf

Dora Carpenter-Latiri has international research interests in language, linguistics and identity.


Dora Carpenter-Latiri has international research interests in language, linguistics and identity.

Colette Fellous

Dora Carpenter-Latiri has international research interests in language, linguistics and identity.


Dora Carpenter-Latiri has international research interests in language, linguistics and identity.

Research activity 

Number of items: 24.

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora and Louzyr, Emna (2017) Devisement du vent Arabesque, Tunis. ISBN 9789938072310

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2016) Tunisiennes du livre: rencontres avec 15 femmes remarquables après la révolution Expressions Maghrebines, 15 (2). ISSN 1540-0085

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2016) The sacrificial sheep in three French-North African film: displacements and reappropriations Journal of African Cinemas, 8 (1). pp. 57-73. ISSN 1754-9221

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2015) A review of ‘Memoirs of a woman doctor’ Medical Humanities. ISSN 1468-215X

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2015) Memories of Beirut and Tunis: transformed cities and the family album [Exhibition]

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora and Sandys, Simon (2014) Tunisian women of the book: encounters with remarquable women [Exhibition]

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2014) Colette Fellous et le quatuor de Tunisie In: Limam-Tnani, N., Bouguerra, R. and Santa, A., eds. Femmes, société et écriture de soi. Publications de la Faculté des Sciences Humaines et Socilaes de Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia, pp. 36-46. ISBN 9789938124163

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2014) Visites de la synagogue de La Goulette: la synagogue Beith Mordechai, rue Khaznadar, témoin et miroir d'une minorité de Tunisie Expressions Maghrebines, 13 (2). pp. 79-98. ISSN 1540-0085

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2014) Torsion: turbulences [Exhibition]

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2013) Migrants and society in Kechiche’s ‘Couscous’: amplification of detail, rhythm and political discourse In: Laroussi, Foued and Penloup, Marie-Claude, eds. Identités langagières: Mélanges offerts à Régine Delamotte. Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havre, Rouen, pp. 63-72. ISBN 9782877755818

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2012) 'Avenue de France' by Colette Fellous, echoes of Said’s 'Out of place' in a Tunisian autobiographical text Revue tunisienne des langues vivantes, 17. pp. 333-347. ISSN 0330-8197

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2012) The Ghriba in the Island of Jerba (or Djerba) or the re-invention of a shared shrine as a metonym for a multicultural Tunisia In: Bowman, G., ed. Sharing the sacra: the politics and pragmatics of inter-communal relations around holy places. Berghahn Books, London, UK, pp. 118-138. ISBN 9780857454867

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2011) narrative(s), code-switching and nostalgia - a case study In: Laroussi, F., ed. Code-switching, languages in contact and electronic writings. Peter Lang, Frankfurt, Germany, pp. 15-31. ISBN 9783631609101

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora and Buchberger, Sonja (2010) Couchsurfing in Tunisia: hospitality, the female tourist and the ‘Bezness’ In: Proceedings of the TOCOCU 1st Biannual Conference, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2010) The Ghriba pilgrimage in the island of Jerba: The semantics of otherness In: Ahlbäck, Tore and Dahla, Björn, eds. Pilgrimages Today: based on papers read at the symposium on pilgrimages today held at Åbo, Finland, on 19-21 August 2009. Donner Institute series, 22 (Summer). Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History, Turku, Finland, pp. 38-55. ISBN 9789521223983

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora, Ben Rejeb, Lotfi, Land, Joy A. and Cairns, Lucille (2009) Juifs de Tunisie/ Jews of Tunisia [Edited Collections]

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2007) The Islamic scarf in France Peter Lang Publishing Group, Ireland.

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2007) The Islamic scarf in France today: an issue of interculturalism In: Pearson-Evans, Aileen and Leahy, Angela, eds. Intercultural Spaces: Language, Culture, Identity. Peter Lang Publishing Group, New York, pp. 1-20. ISBN 9780820495460

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2006) Nee a Tunis, Virgule Tunise: Avenue de France de Collette Fellous Expressions maghrebines.

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2006) “Née à Tunis virgule Tunisie” : Avenue de France de Colette Fellous Expressions maghrébines, 5 (1). pp. 97-111. ISSN 1540-0085

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2004) Langues, Modernite at Mondialisation en TUnise: Les Imperatifs French Speaking and teaching in Tunisia, 107. pp. 185-204.

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2004) Langues, Modernité et Mondialisation en Tunisie : Les Impératifs Du XXIe Siècle Revue d’aménagement linguistique [formerly ‘Terminogramme’]– Office québécois de la langue française (special issue on the Maghreb), 107 (December). pp. 185-204. ISSN 1706-3515

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2004) Algerie: guerres, designat CELAAN Review (Centre d’études des littératures et des arts d’Afrique du Nord), New York, USA.

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2004) Algérie: guerres, désignations, discours CELAAN Review (Centre d’études des littératures et des arts d’Afrique du Nord), 3 (1-2). pp. 137-150. ISSN 1547-1942

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Citations & reviews

Review for Un amour de tn - Carnet photographique d'un retour au pays natal, on Mediapart blog:

on Reporters du Monde: 

on La Revue, n°29 p.115 (La Revue, n°29, p.115)

on Jeune Afrique:




Conference organisation 

June 2012: Co-organiser with the University of La Manouba of ‘Anthropology of the café’ international conference in Tunisia, securing British Council sponsoring. 

January 2012: Organiser of The Arab Spring symposium at the University of Brighton with funding secured from the British Council (Tunis) and the Institut Français (London)

December 2010: Co-organiser at the conference “Electronic Communications in monolingual and plurilingual contexts: Forms, frontiers and futures”, University of Le Havre, France. French CNRS funding. 

Conference presentations & chairing

  • November 2015: round-table discussion on ‘Experimental Contemporary Women Writers’, with Kate Aughterson and Deborah Philips, College of Arts Festival of Research 2015, University of Brighton
  • October 2015: chair at Contemporary Women's Writing Association, session on contemporary Italian and Scottish women’s writings
  • September 2015: with visiting researcher Francesco Bellinzis, ‘Migration narratives and art from the Mediterranean zone today’. ‘Migration & Marginalities’ conference, University of Brighton.
  • September 2015: Chair for ‘Visual Methods Conference’, University of Brighton, College of Arts and Humanities
  • May 2015: ‘Representations of Post-Revolution Tunisia’ at ‘The City in Contemporary Arab Women’s Writings session, part of World Literatures (non-European Languages) studies at NeMLA Convention
  • May 2015: round table on ‘21st C Tunisian Women Writers’ Literary Production’ session, part of French and Francophone studies at NeMLA Convention.
  • May 2015: Research Exchange event, ‘’Photography and creative writing’, School of Humanities, Falmer 

November 2014: round table on experimental women writers at the “Legacies of the Avant-Garde: Experimental Writings 1960-2014” C21 symposium

July 2014: Chair for the ‘Black Woman in the Mirror: Reflections and Conversations’ panel at the ‘Black British Women's Writing: Tracing the Tradition and New Directions’ conference, University of Brighton

June 2014 With Simon Sandys, ' "Too much yellow? Add yellow.” Photos and narratives: documenting the collaborative process behind a textual-visual research project.' Annual Research Festival, Pushing the Boundaries, University of Brighton.

November 2013: ‘The Tunisian Revolution, a subjective narrative’, presentation at the Centre for Research in Memory Narrative and Histories, University of Brighton.

February 2012: Invited by CASAW and the University of Cairo at the 'Narrating the Arab spring' conference in Cairo to presented a paper on ‘The languages of the Arab revolutions, the case of Tunisia’ and to chair in the session on resistance in prisons and on street politics.

June 2011: Tunis: Invited by Anna Lindh Foundation to present a paper on “Artistic expression and the Tunisian Revolution”, rapporteur at the Creativity for Change: Culture and Artistic Expression conference 

Invited talks

November 2014: invited by RTCI (a channel of Tunisian National Radio),to talk about my research and my exhibition on 'Tunisian women of the book' (one hour program)

September 2014:invited by RTCI (a channel of Tunisian National Radio), in radio program 'Un auteur, un livre de chevet' (an author, a favourite read), chosen book 'Assia Djebar's 'Le Blanc de l'Algérie' ('Algerian White').

May 2014:invited by RTCI (a channel of Tunisian National Radio), in special program about my book 'Un Amour de tn'.

February 2014: Paris, invited by literary festival 'Le Maghreb des Livres' to present my book 'Un Amour de tn' in a round table about travels of returns to the Maghreb; also invited by 'Institut du Monde Arabe’ and TV5-Monde for the 20th anniversary celebration of‘Maghreb des Livres’. 

November 2013: Toulon, invited by literary festival 'Fête du Livre du Var' to take part in debate about Tunisian revolution.

September 2013: invited by RTCI (a channel of Tunisian National Radio) to take part in debate about women writers.

September 2013 invited to present and discuss Egyptian film 'Cairo Exit' at The Coronet Cinema in London 

May 2013: Villeneuve-sur-Lot, invited by literary festival 'Le Salon du livre' to present my book 'Un Amour de tn'. 

February 2013: Paris, invited by literary festival 'Le Maghreb des Livres' to present my book 'Un Amour de tn'. ; also invited by 'Institut des Cultures d'Islam' to present my work  

March 2013: Invited by Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands for a talk with Piet Meiring, 'Piet Meiring and Dora Carpenter-Latiri on Reconciliation | A Dialogue'.  

November 2012: Invited by the British Academy (Arab Cinema Project) to present a paper on Tunisian woman director Nadia Al Fani and the post-revolution art scene at the ‘Women, culture and the 25 January 2011 Egyptian revolution’CBRL-BRISMES workshop at the University of Manchester.

October 2012: Invited to present Tunisian film ‘The Silences of the Palace’ at the first festival of Arabic arts and culture in Brighton at the Far Pavilion. 

October 2010: Invited by University of Durham, CASAW Seminar Series, The Modern Maghreb: Politics, People & Energy: “The Jews of Tunisia and the pilgrimage to the Ghriba, lieu de mémoire, nostalgia and the State”. 


  • Brighton (November-December 2014), ‘Tunisian women of the book’ exhibition was also part of the ‘Legacies of the Avant-Garde: Experimental Writings 1960-2014’ symposium.
  • Toronto April 30-May 3, 2015 'Tunisian Women of the Book' was exhibited at the Fairmont Hotel Imperial room  during theNortheast Modern Language Association 46th Annual Convention 
  • December 2012-January 2013: Solo photography exhibition in Tunis 'La Goulette plurielle' (Multicultural La Goulette)
  • January 2012: Exhibition of a selection of photographs at the post–revolution exhibition in the Tunisian Chamber of Commerce in Tunis.


Member of editorial board of Presses Universitaires de Rouen et du Havre,(PURH) for collection 'Genre à à penser'. 

Member of Centre for Research in Memory Narrative and Histories 

Member of research cluster Understanding Conflict.

Member of research clusters IRIHS and DySoLa, France, University of Rouen.

since 2010: Member of Mixclasis, international research group hosted by the University of Rouen and funded by GRR (Grand Réseau Recherche, Normandie) to work on mixed couples. My input is on representations of mixed couples in literature.

since 2000: Editorial Board member CELAAN Journal

Grants and awards


  • Writer in residence at Jazz and Literature Querbes Festival (France, August 2015, French ministry of culture funding) with 3 sections of my book ‘Un Amour de tn’ performed on stage and contributions to roundtables about literature and contemporary issues.


  • Faculty research sabbatical award. Carpenter-latiri was awarded a sabbatical during Semester 2 of academic year 2013-2014 to research and write the first draft of a book exploring the significance of women’s writing space in post-revolution Tunisia. Carpenter-Latiri's photo-exhibition ‘Tunisian women in the book’ will be touring during academic year 2014-2015.


  • November: With Khalid Ali form Sussex and Medical School, award of £1,800.00 funding from the University of Sussex (Researcher led initiative fund) to hold a women’s conference on 12th Feb 2013. 
  • November: Securing funding from the Belgian Embassy in London to invite Tunisian-Belgian film director at the Cine City festival in Brighton to present his film ‘National Hymen’.


  • May 2011 Manchester: Invited by CASAW (The Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World) at the symposium “Narrating the Nation: Arab Perspectives in Fiction, Autobiography & Film” presented a paper entitled “Narrating the Revolution, Imagining Ourselves: Graffiti, Photography, Popular Culture & Interactions on Tunisian Facebook & the Tunisian Web Space after 14.01”. 


  • I am the initiator and team leader for a cross-disciplinary collaborative project in the University of Brighton which won the £5,000 Brief Encounter award entitled The Architect behind the camera; unpacking photographic representations of Tunisia, which explores and compares 50 years of photographic representations of Tunisia.


  • As a member of International team working on electronic writings and hosted by Université de Rouen, secured a grant of €22,000 from French CNRS’s Institut des sciences de la communication for workshops, conferences, publications. Our project,Communication électronique en situations de plurilinguisme, came first and we obtained the highest funding available.


  • University of Brighton Teaching Excellence Award.


  • University of Brighton representative, International meeting at Clermont-Ferrand on Doctoral Research in the Humanities (EU funding)
  • Delegate for the Institut français at the colloquium on the mobility of European researchers, Clermont-Ferrand, Nov 2006 (EU funding)


  • HEFCE grant for researching induction of new staff at the University of Brighton.

Juries, committees and editorial boards


Guest editor for “Maghrebi-French Sexualities.” Special Issue of Modern & Contemporary France21.2 (2013). 96 pp. Co-editor, Dr. Denis M. Provencher.


  • Organising Committee for international conference (French government funding): Electronic Communications in monolingual and plurilingual contexts Forms, frontiers and futures, University of Le Havre, France December 2010
  • External examiner for sociolinguistics PhDs at French Universities. Topics covered include language development policies, Arabic/French translation, and media discourse analysis
  • Advisor on PHD for Leeds Metropolitan CTCC on Tourism in North Africa
  • Advisor on Dissertation at Cambridge University on Tunisian identity and migration


  • Organising committee for international conference (French government funding): Plurilinguisme, politique linguistique et education. Quels éclairages pour Mayotte?
  • Journal (edited), summer 2008, special issue of the CELAAN Review - a peer reviewed American journal - on the Jews of Tunisia. Dated Spring 2009
  • On editorial board for 2 books (published with Odile Jacob, Paris and Presses de Clermont-Ferrand) on migration and intergeneration transmission (Paroles, langues et silences en heritage)
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