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Fragile Identities

This curatorial research focuses on concerns of artists and cultural theorists regarding the impact of identity formation on artistic practice.


Hickey and Powell's edited collection of essays by leading historians of the field traces the history of the struggle for democracy in Britain.

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Scott, Gill (2007) The Women's Cooperative Guild and Suffrage In: Suffrage Outside Suffragism. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 132-156. ISBN 978-1403995964

Scott, Gill (2007) The Women’s Co-operative Guild and Suffrage In: Suffrage Outside Suffragism: Women's Vote in Britain, 1880-1914. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 132-156. ISBN 978-1403995964

Scott, Gill (2007) Workshops fit for Homemakers: the Women’s Co-operative Guild and Housing Reform in Mid-20th Century Britain In: Women and the Making of Built Space in England, 1870-1950. Ashgate, pp. 163-179. ISBN 9780754651857

Scott, Gill (2004) Ganley and Webb Matthewm H.C.G & Harrison, UK.

Scott, Gill (2004) Ganley [née Blumfield], Caroline Selina (1879–1966)' and 'Webb, Catherine (1859–1947) In: Entries indexed 101050552 and 101053250 in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, in association with the British Academy, from the earliest times to the year 2000. Oxford University Press. ISBN 019861411X

Scott, Gill (2001) “Nous n’avons pas attendu de pouvoir voter”: la Women’s Co-operative Guild et le processus legislatif, 1906-14 In: Les femmes a la conquete du pouvoir politique: Royaume-Uni, Irlande, Inde. Bibliotheque du Feminisme, L’Harmattan, pp. 103-119. ISBN 2747505111

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Further publications


  • ‘Darkness at the End of the Tunnel: Pacifism, Democracy and the Women’s Co-operative Guild in England in the 1930s’, in Emmanuel J. and Macpherson, I. (eds.) Co-operatives and the Pursuit of Peace, New Rochdale Press, University of Victoria, British Columbia, 2007. ISBN 978-1-55058-362-5
  • 'A Protracted Arc: Gender and Emancipation,' Tom Hickey and David Powell eds,Democracy: the Long Revolution, Continuum, June, ISBN: 0826486762


  • "'We did not wait for the vote:' the Women's Co-operative Guild and the legislative process, 1906-14,'" in M. Spensky (ed.) La participation des femmes a la prise de décision politique en Grande-Bretagne, Bibliotheque du Feminisme, l'Harmattan


  • Gillian Scott, Feminism and the Politics of Working Women: the Women's Co-operative Guild, 1880 to the Second World War, UCL Press
  • '"As a war horse to the beat of drums": Representations of Working-class Femininity in the Women's Co-operative Guild, 1880s to the Second World War,' in Eileen Yeo (ed.), Radical Femininity: Women's Self-Representation in the Public Sphere, Manchester University Press
  • 'A Gender Lens to the Century:' Sheila Rowbotham, A Century of Women: The History of Women in Britain and the United States, Radical Philosophy 90, July/August


  • 'Working-Class Feminism: The Women's Co-operative Guild 1880s to 1914', in Eileen Yeo ed, Mary Wollstonecraft and 200 Years of Feminism, Rivers Oram


  • 'Basket Power and Market Forces: the Women's Co-operative Guild 1883-1920', in Barbara Einhorn & Eileen Yeo (eds.), Women and the Market: Crisis and Opportunity, Edward Elgar
  • 'Caroline Ganley' and 'Catherine Webb', revised version of Dictionary of National Biography, OUP


  • '"A Trade Union for Working Women", the Women's Co-operative Guild 1914-20', in Sybil Oldfield (ed.), This Working Day World, Women's Lives and Culture(s) in Britain 1914-45, Taylor and Francis

Conference papers


  • Darkness at the End of the Tunnel: Pacifism, Democracy and the Women's Co-operative Guild in England in the 1930s, Invited Symposium: Co-operatives and the Pursuit of Peace, British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, June (publication forthcoming)


  • The WCG: some questions of Identity and Autonomy, Symposium on Mainsteam Women's Organisation: The Women's Library, London Metropolitan University, March
  • Workshops fit for homemakers:The Women's Co-operative Guild and Housing Policy for Postwar Britain, Rethinking Britain 1918 -1959, Centre for Contemporary British History, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, March


  • The Women's Co-operative Guild and the Suffrage, Suffragette Centenary Celebration Conference, The Pankhurst Centre, Manchester, October


  • A Shrinking Agenda: the Labour Party and the Representation of Working Women in Britain, 1918-28, Colloquium: Democracy in the United Kingdom in the 20th Century, Université Paris-VIII, January (proceedings due to be published in France, editor Lori Maguire)


  • 'We did not wait for the vote:' the Women's Co-operative Guild and the legislative process, 1906-14, paper delivered at CESCIB Conference on British Women's Participation in Political Decision-Making, 1918-1928-1998, Université Paris-VIII, November


  • Radical Representations of Working-class Femininity in the English Women's Co-operative Guild, 1880s-1914, European Social Science History Conference, The Netherlands


  • The Woman with the Basket: the Women's Co-operative Guild 1880s-1920, paper delivered at Eleventh International Economic History Congress, Milan

Public talks 

'The Sexual Revolution 40 Years On: a Feminist Perspective', presentation at The Headstrong Club, Lewes, July 2008



'Votes for Which Women? The English Women's Cooperative Guild and the Suffrage, 1904-1914, Labouring Feminism and Feminist Working-Class History in Europe and Beyond, International Conference, Stockholm, August 2008.


'The Women's Cooperative Guild and peace activism between the wars', Annual National Peace History Conference, The People's History Museum, Manchester, 10 November 2012

Non-academic papers 

Work in progress: the People's Suffrage Federation c1909-1911: class, gender, and the politics of the suffrage movement arising from 'Votes for Which Women' paper

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