Scholarly biography and interests

Jacqui Chanarin runs a ceramic studio where she produces small additions of artworks which are sold through a few gallery outlets. These include The New Museum in New York and the online gallery Eyestorm. Chanarin has participated on several international residencies over the years, most recently at The Banff Centre for Creativity in Canada and has been involved in various exhibitions.

Chanarin works predominantly by sculpting in clay, mould making, slip casting and glazing. More recently she has been investigating the possibilities with porcelain slip paperclay. She develops the conceptual and material aspects of her practice by participating in residencies and ongoing studio work. Chanarin teaches at University of Brighton and Camberwell College, University of the Arts London.

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Selected exhibitions


Residency and exhibition at The Banff Centre.


Residency and exhibition at Keramic Centre, Berlin.


'Domestic Things', Flow Gallery, London, Bank of America.


Kabinett Der Abstracten, Bloomberg Space/ Baltic Centre.


Residency and Exhibition Guildergard, Denmark, Ceramic Museum.


Royal Collage of Art, Group show in Gifu, Japan.

Citations and reviews

"Jacqui Chanarin’s work is so infused with a clever yet simple humour that much of its brilliant craftsmanship and the more serious thought behind her pieces can easily be overlooked. But on every level, the viewer is left with the same impression; here is an artist at the very top of her game, with both the skill and confidence to create a series of ceramic artworks that set her apart as a very rare and special talent.

"It is largely the contradictions of modern society that concern Chanarin and take her work beyond that of the amusing novelty and into the realm of serious, challenging and thought provoking art. Chanarin says that her work is concerned mainly with mankind’s ‘complex urban environment and the animals that have adapted to it."


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