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Jane Fox lectures in dance and music with visual arts on the university's Fine Art programme. She teaches visual research and supports interdisciplinary practice in the making of studio-based work. Jane also works on the Inclusive Arts Project ‘access to art’ course, teaching students with learning disabilities and supporting second year arts students from the university as advocates on the HEFCE project.

Jane Fox makes drawings, prints, moving image, installation and floor based works. Her art practice engages both solo and collaborative activity, driven by the need to break down barriers and access that which is to be celebrated in life. She draws on a diverse range of materials and processes that underpin content, seeking to engage in a creative journey where outcomes are undetermined and offer surprise. She makes use of personal histories, found text, memory as narrative, everyday and ephemeral materials, to develop a body of work from which distinctive stand-alone works emerge.

Central to her mode of enquiry is inter-action,whether between graphite and surface, artist and found text, materials and site, image and sound, collaborating parties or artworks and audience. In a series of artist books that explore visual narrative, texts are broken down and re-organised to open up new territory from within which to work. She is interested in arriving at ‘new-sense’ through the processes of non-sense. These narratives, in turn, provide a series of start points for new cross-disciplinary work. 

Jane Fox trained in Visual Art and Sound at Brighton Polytechnic, graduating in 1985. Since then she has developed an arts practice that embraces a wide range of mixed media and inter-connected activities including artist led projects, collaborations and solo work. Her commitment to creative activity as a tool for dialogue and change has led her to work in a wide range of community settings, bringing training to organisations such as Welfare State International ('Starting the Journey' - Rites of Passage 2003) and Unit for Arts and Offenders ('Working with Vulnerable and Volatile Groups in Open and Closed settings' 2001).

Together with her sister Alice, Jane Fox formed 'The Marine Girls' (1979-1982), who recorded two albums, two Peel sessions and performed live in the UK and Europe. In 'Carnival Collective', a 50 piece, celebratory performance troupe drawing on Brazilian style instrumentation, Fox performed as a percussionist between 1995-2005 performing widely in the UK and France. She developed visual performance for street based work as Visual Director in a R.A.L.P funded project in 2002.

These experiences of collaborative exchange and her background in sound and the visual arts has lead her to engage in collaborative interdisciplinary work and an interest in collaborative arts ventures. Jane has instigated a series of collaborations including Irene's Dress Bookwork, with Irene Mensah (Falmouth 2003), John's Shirt Bookwork, with John Warr (Falmouth 2003), Secrets Revealed installation performance with Laura Wild (Falmouth 2003) and Wedding Cloaks with Louella Forrest (Brighton 2007).

Fox & Gammidge is a collaborative partnership with artist Tony Gammidge, begun in 2003. They explore the use of frameworks for creative collaborative activity. Recent work by Fox & Gammidge takes known stories that can be opened up, teasing text apart to make a gap within the narrative where the artists can linger and collect their own thoughts in response to the tale. Not so much a re-telling of the tale, as an exploration of possibilities within the framework of the telling. Site responsive works and installations in the South West include (A Cornish Sketchbook 2003) and Brighton (Black Birds, Argus Basement, 2005). In November 2006, Fox joined Gammidge at Kolin Ryynänen in Finland for a period of practice based research and development for new work on The Baba Yaga Chronicles (2004 -2007). 

Scholarly and practice activity 

Repository holdings 

Number of items: 4.

Offer, Joanna and Fox, Jane (2018) Rocket Artists present Art By Johnny: exploring inclusive curation [Exhibition]

Fox, Jane and Offer, Joanna (2016) Channel 3 project presents 3 days of action: inclusive film-making in supported studios [Digital and visual media]

Bullen, Duncan, Fox, Jane and Lyon, Philippa (2016) Practice-infused drawing research: 'being present' and 'making present' Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice, 2 (1). pp. 129-142. ISSN 2057-0384

Fox, Jane (2012) Mutter matter: murmurings from the drawing room table [Exhibition]

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  • Overalls –a blank canvas. A book by Jane Fox and Alice Fox published by Community University Partnership Programme, University of Brighton 2008, ISBN 978 1 905593 28 6. 'Overalls' is a teaching based research project funded by InQbate, The CETL in Creativity (Sussex University and University of Brighton) to develop the use of overalls as a creative, inclusive medium for evaluation and documentation of learning. Jointly awarded with Alice Fox and carried out within the Inclusive Arts Project
  • FCA/CVA 2003 MA Catalogue, Falmouth College of Arts with essays by Daro Montag, Nancy Roth and Andy Webster. Practice based research input from Bridgeman, Collins, Boyd, Milligan, Pope, Jeans, Darroch, Wild, Fox, Yeung. Festerman Press 2003, ISBN 0 9544187 0 0
  • Lost Highway, Pryle Behrman. Critical review of group show for Maze studios, July 2004. Peer Review
  • Critical Discussions with Maze Studios - Beau Travail and Lost Highway, Peter Jones, July 2004. Peer review
Conferences and artist's talks
  • ‘Memory, Death and Narratives’ artist talk and discussion with Suzanne Hutchinson, chaired by Tony Haase, University of Brighton (November 2008)
  • 'Creativity or Conformity' Conference: building cultures of creativity in higher education. International, cross disciplinary conference, Cardiff School of Art and Design UWIC in collaboration with the Higher Education Academy (January 2007). Paper tabled with Alice Fox on the 'Overalls' research. Paper published on conference website (
  • 'Making teaching more effective' - learning and teaching conference at University of Brighton, July 2006. Research presentation with Alice Fox on the 'Overalls' research. Paper included in conference publication
  • 'The Drawing Room' - artist's talk and discussion panel, September 2006, Phoenix Arts Association, Brighton
  • 'Visual Diaries' - discussion panel member for 'State of the Arts' event, Phoenix Arts Association, Brighton, July 2006
  • 'Live Art Symposium' - Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance. Video documentation of work shown, September 2003
  • 'Nature of the Beast' - artist talk in response to the work of Peter Randall Page, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, July 2001
  • 'Mutter Matter - Murmurings from the drawing room table', collaborative installation with Irene Mensah. Pitzhanger Manor House, London. (2012)
  • ‘Flowers’ Co-director with Alice Fox and Ella Ritchie, collaborative installation work on the Inclusive Arts Project. Phoenix Brighton and University of Brighton (2009)
  • ‘The Mourning window’ Ceremony Shop, Lewes Artwave (2008)
  • ‘Special Objects’ Curator for Installation by Access to Art students, Wellington House, Brighton (2008)
  • 'Enquire Within', Newlyn Art Gallery (2003) and Phoenix Brighton (2006). Performative floor based installation work using hearthrugs, salt, ash and found texts. This work explores the possibility of making contact with my paternal Grandmother through the use of a domestic text inherited from her
  • 'Saltdances I' (2003) selected for '700is Reindeerland' video and experimental film festival, Iceland and short-listed for Alcoa prize, 1-3 April 2006.In this work the images are made with salt and appear under the artist's feet as she dances across the floor. Here Fox is exploring the possibility of images connected to events in the wider world appearing fleetingly within a domestic setting, made visible by the repetitive actions of the everyday
  • 'C251 KVW' (2004) Max 10, Newlyn Art gallery (October 2004) 'Lost Highway' (July 2004). In this moving image work Fox pays homage to her motor vehicle - workhorse, fashion accessory, mobile cupboard and ticket out west - in one take. Whilst tipping a nod at Kenneth Anger (Kustom Kar Kommandos, 1965) Fox explores her own take on the relationship between automobiles and identity
Group shows
  • ‘From Art School to University: Art and Design at Brighton from 1859-2009’ University of Brighton Gallery (2008)
  • ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?’ Fox & Gammidge, ‘Pause’ Phoenix Brighton (2007)
  • 'The Drawing Room', Phoenix Arts Association, Brighton (2006)
  • 'Voyager' series as Maze Studios (2004-05)
  • 'Voyager 1' (January 2004) Abbeville, France
  • 'Lost Highway' (July 2004), Brighton
  • 'Voyager 3' (January 2005) Abbeville, France
  • 'Voyager 4' (March 2005), Brighton
  • 'Max 10' (October 2004) Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance
  • 'Wish You Were Here' (2003) commissioned by P.A.L.P for touring exhibition, Space Gallery, St. Michaels Mount, Penzance, Trebah Gardens, Bodmin Parkway, Newquay Airport and Lemon Quay, Truro
  • 'Locate' Falmouth Art Centre (May 2003), collaborative group show

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