Scholarly biography and interests

Jim Cooke is a photographer, represented by Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York and Tatar Gallery, Toronto. 

Working mainly in the landscape, and with a deep interest in the forces that shape and re mould space, Jim Cooke is particularly interested in the relationship between the perceived ‘natural’ and human intervention and in establishing an acceptance of the synergy of these forces. He has actively sought to work in locations where many disparate forces have combined to produce material spectacle, where, often chaotic, layers of history and endeavour unite in beautifully disturbed harmonies.

Cooke's more recent work is on a quieter, more domestic and autobiographical study of the British landscape. Initially entitled 'Journeys at Home', this body of work looks at landscapes familiar to him and at spaces within Britain that relate to his imagined notions of his home countries.

These long term pursuits are also complemented by smaller, ring fenced, bodies of work, connected but separate. The Cement series, the Engineerium series and the Valle de Somme series to mention a few. Cooke is interested in the establishment of a vast ‘pool’ of images that have their own integrity but that can be re-combined to suit particular purposes. 

Cooke studied Fine Art at (the then) Sheffield City Polytechnic from 1978 - 1981 and has exhibited nationally and internationally since graduating in 1981 and has produced many bodies of self-generated work as well as commissioned work in his related fields of interest.

Examples of his work in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum; Portland Museum of Art, USA; Caixa Geral de Depositos, Lisbon; Fried Frank Collection London and New York as well as private collections internationally.

Featured works and projects

Microscopic plant photo from Riparian


A visual investigation of the landscape and ecologies of the riverbank

Photograph of the River Somme


A visual investigation of the landscape and ecologies of the River Somme


Re-Placing Arcadia

This body of work extends a long term fascination with how space is transformed by the many forces that act upon it.



A year long artist in residence was set up between Jim Cooke, the British Engineerium and Arts Council England.


Journeys at Home

..."equipped with his camera and fishing rod, Jim Cooke followed the Somme’s flow, tracing memories of the First World War"


Valley of the Somme

Photographer Jim Cooke works mainly in the landscape. His work has been collected by major galleries internationally.

Scholarly and professional activity

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Cooke, Jim (2015) Gimme Shelter [Exhibition]

Cooke, Jim (2012) Riparian: a visual investigation of the landscape and ecologies of the riverbank [Exhibition]

Cooke, Jim (2011) Exposure [Exhibition]

Cooke, Jim (2009) Beyond Place [Exhibition]

Cooke, Jim (2008) Entre-deux: from East Sussex to Picardie: a visual study of the river Somme [Exhibition]

Cooke, Jim (2005) Engineerium Tim Dam Publications, UK.

Cooke, Jim (2002) Re-Placing Arcadia Consorcio Salamanca 2002/Centro de Arte de Salamanca. ISBN 84-95719-31-2

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Landscape Stories- Night 


Landscape Stories- Mountains


‘Gimme Shelter’ Exhibition. Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicage 


  • 'Riparian' Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust - Drill Hall Gallery Easton Road, Portland, Dorset 15 September - 24 November


  • 'Entre-Deux: From Picardie to East Sussex' Brighton Photo Fringe, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton
  • Festival cinebrit, Abbeville, France
  • Stone Show, PSQT, Portland, Dorset
  • 'Where Are We? Questions of Landscape'. (V&A show) Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery. Group show


  • Festival Cinebrit, Abbeville, France. One man exhibition
  • 'Ingenuities-Photography and Engineering'. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal. Group show
  • 'Ingenuities-Photography and Engineering'. Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels. Group show
  • 'Where Are We? Questions of Landscape'. (V&A show) Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield. Group show


  • 'Uneasy Spaces', Washington Square East Gallery, New York
  • 'Diaphane'. Picardy, France. Group show
  • Summer Exhibition, Crear, Scotland. Group show
  • 'Arcadia'. Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York. Group show
  • Z 15, Florida. Group show


  • 'British Engineerium'. One man exhibition
  • Centre Culturel Calouste Gulbenkian, Paris. Group show
  • 'Profile', Bremen, Germany. Group show


  • Tatar Gallery Toronto. Canada. One man exhibition
  • Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, USA. One man exhibition


  • Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London. One man exhibition
  • Pedras & Rochas, Lisbon. Portugal. Group show
  • Pedras & Rochas, Evora, Portugal. Group show
  • A Seaside Album, Brighton Museum. Group show
  • Z15 (30x30) Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London. Group show


  • Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York. One man exhibition
  • Urban Visions, Flowers East, London. Group show


  • Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London. One man exhibition


  • 'Where Are We? Questions of Landscape'.Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Group show
  • Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York. Group show
  • Range of Vision, Tatar Gallery, Toronto. Group show

Books, Catalogues and Monographs


  • Ingenuities. Edited Book


  • 'Uneasy spaces'. Group catalogue


  • Engineerium. Monograph
  • Dehans-Dehors. Edited Book


  • Pedras & Rochas. Edited Book
  • A Seaside Album. Edited Book
  • Landscape-Photographs of Time and Space. Edited Book
  • 'Urban visions'. Group catalogue


  • 'Re-Placing Arcadia'. Monograph

Citations and reviews

The Yancey Richardson Gallery is pleased to present 'Re-placing Arcadia', an exhibition of large-scale color photographs by British artist Jim Cooke. In this series, Cooke explores the integration of culture and nature and the layering of history in the contemporary Europe landscape with its compression of the agrarian, medieval, industrial and post-industrial. Cooke's work posits that everything can be construed as nature, and that the natural and man-made are equally beautiful.

Made with an 8x10 inch view camera, the epic quality of these views relate to the mid-19th century photographs of American wilderness by Eadweard Muybridge and Carleton Watkins. For Cooke, however, 'arcadia' exists equally in a dam looming  over a frozen lake, a curving motorway hugging a rocky outcropping or the vast Rio Tinto mine in Spain. Captured against the slow drift of history, Cooke's landscapes stand as silent witnesses to change, powerful and transfixed in time.

As described by David Chandler in Porfolio magazine: "This is the story of an old rustic arcadia reshaped by industrialization whose monumental structures then themselves fall into ruin, to be replaced by the endless modular systems and soaring towers that technology makes possible. This sense of unfolding epic sagas, each with its own claim on the sublime, is the underlying theme of Cooke's work."

Grants and awards


Arts Council England Award ( £5000 )

University of Brighton Research Award ( £4000 )


National Media Museum Photography Award ( £2000 ) 


  • Portland Sculpture And Quarry Trust Commission


  • Diaphane Commission, France (£1000)

2004 - 5

  • British Engineerium Artist in Residence (As above)


  • Arts Council South East Major Award (£18,000+ To British Engineerium for Artist in Residence)
  • University of Brighton Research Award (£5000)


  • University of Brighton Research Award (£1000)


  • University of Brighton Research Award
  • AHRB (£5000)
  • S.E. Arts (£1500)


  • Year of the Artist Award (£4000)


  • University of Brighton Research Award


  • AHRB (£5000)

1998 - 2001

  • Photoworks Commission (£3000)


  • S.E. Arts (£1000)
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