Dr Julie Doyle

Research interests

arts research University of Brighton

Doyle’s research engages with the ways in which the environment and the body are variously mediated, by the discourses and technologies of imaging; science and medicine; and gender, sexuality and class.

Through her work on environment and the media, Doyle has examined the limitations of a visual culture in the context of environmental communication, and climate change in particular. Her book entitled Mediating Climate Change (Ashgate 2011) explores and critiques the mediating role of discourse and representation in making climate change meaningful.  As a recent recipient of a Leverhulme Artist in Residence award (2009/10), Julie collaborates with the artist David Harradine to explore how climate change can be embodied and visualised through film, enabling academic approaches to the environment to be interrogated through the practice of art.

Doyle has also researched the interrelationships between surgery, medicine and the body. In this context, she has examined the visual culture of medicine and science and its relation to gendered embodiment. Her focus is upon surgical technologies and practices - both historical and contemporary - in the shaping of body knowledge. Most recently she has examined how discourses of class are used to promote cosmetic surgery on reality TV.

Doyle has supervised doctoral work on branding and consumption, and would be happy to supervise work on environmental communication/media; gender, technology and embodiment; and visual culture.