Scholarly biography and interests

Dr Liam Connell lectures in English Literature. He is the Director of C21: Research in Twenty-first Century Writing

His research focuses on the relationships of cultural texts to nations and transnational movements. This work explores the way that social, political and economic questions are played out through various kinds of cultural representations and practices including modern and contemporary writing in English, and in visual cultures of the late twentieth and twenty-first century.

Liam Connell is particularly interested in questions of nation and transnationalism. His research considers how changes in public discourses are reproduced and challenged by creative and cultural texts. This has concentrated on ideas about national and racial difference; on the shape of the global economy since the late 1970s; and on contemporary attitudes towards terror. 

He is well known for his work on literature and globalization that has helped to shape the debates defining this field. He co-edited the Literature and Globalization Reader (Routledge, 2010) which, for the first time, brought together major theoretical writings on globalization with critical responses to these theories in literary studies. 

His book Precarious Labour and the Contemporary Novel (Palgrave,  2017) explores how regimes of flexible labour in the contemporary economy have been represented in English-language fiction about office work in a range of national contexts. He is also developing new research into the relationships between embodiment and borders in contemporary cultural texts.

He joined the University of Brighton in 2014, having previously held posts at the University of Winchester and the University of Hertfordshire.

Doctoral supervision 

Dr Liam Connell would welcome applications from PhD students interested in studying in the following broad areas, all of which offer a strong supervisory potential across the University of Brighton:

  • literature and globalization
  • the cultures of work
  • representations of migration
  • contemporary fiction
  • postcolonialism
  • border studies
  • contemporary visual culture

Current Supervisions

Sam Cutting, Complex Machines: Representations of Technology in 21 Century Fiction

Matthew CrowleyRepresentations of Masculine Working-Class Identity in Post-War British Literature and Film.

Kadija George, How can Independent Black Publishing make a positive impact within the creative industry?

Chris GriffinCrises of Citizenship in Contemporary Fiction

Martin Torjussen, A creative and critical reflection on the impact of using the narrative voice of the second-person.

Hannah Weber, Contemporary Literature on the Borders of Europe.

Research activity

Number of items: 10.

Connell, Liam (2019) Crossings, Bodies, Behaviours In: Cox, Emma, Durrant, Sam, Farrier, David, Stonebridge, Lyndsey and Wooley, Agnes, eds. Refugee studies: contemporary research across the humanities. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh.

Connell, Liam (2017) Precarious labour and the contemporary novel Palgrave, Basingstoke, UK. ISBN 9781137461926

Connell, Liam (2016) The regional and the global In: Boxall, Peter and Cheyette, Bryan, eds. The Oxford history of novel in English: volume 7, British and Irish fiction since 1940. Oxford history of the novel in English, 7 . Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780198749394

Connell, Liam (2013) Kailyard money: nation, empire and speculation in Walter Scott's letters from Malachi Malagrowther In: Sassi, Carla and van Heijnsbergen, Theo, eds. Within and without empire: Scotland across the (post)colonial borderline. CSP, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, pp. 94-107. ISBN 9781443849227

Connell, Liam (2013) Offshore cosmopolitanism: reading the nation in Rana Dasgupta’s Tokyo Cancelled, Lawrence Chua’s Gold by the Inch and Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger The Open Arts Journal, 1. pp. 60-68. ISSN 2050-3679

Connell, Liam (2012) The Worker as Revenant: Imagining Embodied Labor in Contemporary Visualizations of Migration Social Text, 30 (2). pp. 1-20. ISSN 0164-2472

Connell, Liam (2012) Globalization and transnationalism In: Bray, Joe, Gibbons, Alison and McHale, Brian, eds. The Routledge companion to experimental literature. Routledge, London, pp. 224-237. ISBN 9780415570008

Connell, Liam (2010) E-terror: Computer viruses, class and transnationalism in Transmission and One Night @ the Call Center Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 46 (3-4). pp. 279-290. ISSN 1744-9855

Connell, Liam and Marsh, Nicky (2010) Literature and globalization: a reader [Edited Collections]

Connell, Liam and Sheppard, Victoria (2010) Race, nation, class and language use in Tom Leonard's intimate voices and Linton Kwesi Johnson's mi revalueshanary fren In: Gardiner, Michael, Macdonald, Graeme and O'Gallagher, Niall, eds. Scottish literature and postcolonial literature: comparative texts and critical perspectives. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, UK, pp. 173-184. ISBN 9780748637744

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' "We all are precarious": Class Composition and Reading the Novel' at Precarious Representations, University of Freiburg, Germany, 13th January 2018.


Public Talks

‘Abstraction: Imagining Offshore’ at Salon: Speaking of Abstraction Extra Special People, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 11th September 2012.

‘Offshore Finance: a Realm Beyond the Imagination’ at Tent City University, St Paul’s Cathedral, 11th November 2011.



AHRC Matching Leave.


External PhD Examinar


Helle Bildsoe, ‘Imaging Globalisation: representations of globalisation in contemporary literature’ Univeristy of Copenhagen.



Chris McWade, 'The Aesthetics of Failure: subversions of Scottish nationalism in the late Twentieth Century literary and visual texts of Irvine Welsh, Alexander McQueen and Danny Boyle.


Peer Reviewer

Reviewer for AHRC Matching Leave Scheme.

Reviewer for ASAP Journal 

Reviewer for Bloomsbury

Reviewer for CLCWeb Comparative Literature and Culture

Reviewer for Colloquy: Text, Theory, Critique (Monash) 

Reviewer for Palgrave

Reviewer for Pickering and Chatto.

Reviewer for Routledge.

Reviewer for Textual Practice (Taylor & Francis).

Guest Editor Critical Practice, 16:2(2004)

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