Margaret Huber

Margaret Huber

arts research University of Brighton

Scholarly biography and interests

Margaret Huber is course leader for the MA Sequential Design/Illustration and the MA Arts and Design by Independent Project courses. She supervises post-graduate research students and also lectures in the BA Extension Studies programme where she teaches a unit on visual diaries.

Originally from the United States, Huber’s education is in fine art drawing; she has worked professionally as an illustrator, graphic designer and art director in advertising for print and television. She has taught in higher education in both America and the UK since 1984.

Margaret Huber’s research interest is in the areas of narrative and sequential design, drawing and visual diaries. She is interested in diary keeping as a method of reflection, as well as a way of generating new ideas and extending working methods. Areas of investigation include keeping secrets and the role of the audience; the relevance of time in diary-keeping; how the format of a diary can influence content; words as images; creative approaches and establishing rules in diaries; time management and staying motivated; the merits of ‘little but often’ in creative practice; overcoming preciousness in diaries and making the most of mistakes; the value of reflection and observation in diary-keeping as a way to inform and inspire creative practice.

Huber is also interested in storytelling through images and objects, folk and outsider art, philosophies of the body and drawing. Her own work is inspired by this research and has influenced projects such as the series of drawings and objects, ‘Skirts’, ‘Burdens’ and ‘False Teachers Foretold’.  She is fascinated by subjects such as the history of dentistry, Aristotle’s theories of the body, narrative textiles and anecdotal histories of the Tudors. Her most recent work ‘Medals, Burdens and Casuals’ combines rudimentary crochet with achievement awards, rocks and doll clothes.

Research activity

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