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Discourse of Design

Explores the location, and implications of that location, of the design process in various sectors of British industry in the 1950s and 1960s.

Culture, Class And Conflict In British Design

Focuses on the Council of Industrial Design's aspirations to affect government industrial and educational policy after Labour’s 1945 electoral success

Selling Britishness: The Projection Of Britain After World War Two

Examines the official definition of 'Britishness' as used by the Board of Trade in overseas promotions during the 1950s and 1960s.

Labour and the New Social Order

The study analysed the debates about industrial democracy within the changing political, ideological  and economic situation of New Labour.

Politics And Class In The 1970s/80s

Politics And Class In The 1970s/80s at University of Brighton, College of Arts and Humanities

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Maguire, Paddy (2007) Culture, Class and Conflict in British Design In: Image, Power and Space: Studies in Consumption and Identity. Meyer and Meyer, Industrial Design, Federation of British Industries,, pp. 25-36. ISBN 9781841262444

Maguire, Paddy (2007) Culture, class and conflict in British design In: Woodham, Jonathan M and Tomlinson, Alan, eds. Image, Power and Space: Studies In Consumption and Identity. Meyer & Meyer, pp. 25-36. ISBN 978-1-84126-244-4

Maguire, Paddy (2006) Selling Britishness: the projection of Britain after the Second World War In: Collective Memory, University of East Anglia.

Maguire, Paddy (2006) Official Memory – The Construction Of British Identity In: Collective Memory, University of East Anglia.

Maguire, Paddy (2006) Labour And The New Social Order In: Two Cheers For Democracy. Continuum, pp. 103-116. ISBN 0826486762

Maguire, Paddy (2005) Visualising History – Visual Sources In Historical Enquiry In: History Subject Centre Annual Conference, Oxord University.

Maguire, Paddy (2003) Not For Trade – The Discourse Of Design In British Industry In: European Academy Of Design – Design Wisdom, 09 May 2003, Barcelona.

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Other research activities



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  • 'Labour And The New Social Order' in Democracy The Long Revolution, eds T Hickey and D Powell, Continuum


  • 'Not For Trade – The Discourse Of Design In British Industry', European Academy Of Design Conference, Barcelona


  •  ‘Utility And the Politics Of Consumption’ in J Attfeld (ed) Utility Reassessed, MUP


  • ‘Utility And the Politics Of Consumption’ in J Attfeld ed., Utility Reassessed (with Jonathan Woodham) Popular Politics And Design In Postwar Britain, Leicester University Press 


  • People, Power And Politics, Co-operative Union/History Workshop Press(With Bill Lancaster) 
  • 'Labour And The Law: The Politics Of British Industrial Relations 1945 – 1979’ in C Wrigley (ed) A History Of British Industrial Relations 1939 - 1979:Industrial Relations In A Declining EconomyEdward Elgar


  • 'Women And The Design Profession', J Seddon & S Worden (eds) Women Designing
  • "Craft Capitalism And The Projection Of British Industry In The 1950s And 1960s.", Journal Of Design History


  • ‘Trading On Tradition: Britain, Europe And Industrial Decline’, History Workshop Papers


  • 'Designs On Reconstruction: British Business, Market Structures And The Role Of Design In Post-War Recovery', Journal Of Design History


  • ‘Labour And The Politics Of Class 1945-1951’, History Workshop Papers 
  • 'Co-operation And Crisis: Government, Co-operation And Politics, 1917-1922' in S. Yeo (ed) New Views Of Co-operation, Routledge


  • Politics And Industrial Conflict: Government, Employers And TradeUnion Organisation, 1915 - 1922, D. Phil Thesis, University Of Sussex
  • Employers Organisations And Government Industrial Policies’, Bulletin Of The Society For The Study Of Labour History


  •  The Republic Of Letters, Comedia (Jointly with D. Morley et al)

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