Tom Grimsey

Tom Grimsey

arts research University of Brighton


Tom Grimsey is subject leader for Sculpture at the University of Brighton Faculty of Arts. He studied sculpture at Wimbledon and St Martins schools of art. Much of his practice involves working with architects, engineers and town planners to integrate large-scale art projects into the fabric of urban regeneration. These range from monumental sculptures animated by sequenced fibre-optic lighting to more intimate, place-shaping landscapes and planting schemes, from the curiosities of Video Buckets to large steel climbing sculptures.

In the often-problematic field of public art Grimsey endeavours to bring innovation and colour to an unsuspecting audience and through research and public consultation to achieve consensus without compromise. To create new spaces and give identity to often unloved urban settings.

Grimsey was a ‘Henry Moore Sculpture Fellow’ from 1990-1991.

He has been an artist in residence with David Massingham Dance Company, at ‘La Rectoria Centre D’Arte’ in Barcelona, at ‘Open House Community Psychiatric Centre’ in London, at ‘The Bethlem Royal Hospital’ and at ‘Burton Delingpole’ drop-forging factory in Dudley.

(Original music for Grey Goo composed and performed by Ian Woods).