Tom Hickey

Tom Hickey

arts research University of Brighton

Tom Hickey has recently jointly edited a collection of historical essays on the struggle for democracy in England (Continuum, 2007) and was joint curator of the international festival on the work of the South African artist William Kentridge hosted by the University of Brighton in 2007 - 'Fragile Identities: Politics, Remembrance and Representation'. He is joint organiser of the biennial international conference 'Globalisation and Resistance' that is hosted by the University, and recently organised a one-day conference on holocausts and their denials for Holocaust Memorial Day - 'Never Again - the Hows and Whys of Fighting Fascism'.

Hickey is Course Leader for the MA in Cultural and Critical Theory, and Deputy Course Leader of the Humanities BA(Hons).

Hickey's research is on aspects of political and artistic representation, and their interaction, on historiographical theory and the scientific method, on the theorisation of the contemporary world order, and on new developments in critical theory. 

William Kentridge - Fragile Indentities, edited by Tom Hickey, is one of the books available from the College of Arts and Humanities online shop. 

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Hickey, Tom and Marfleet, Phil (2010) The "South Africa moment": Palestine, Israel and the boycott International Socialism, 128. pp. 31-55. ISSN 0020-8736

Hickey, Tom (2010) Holocaust lineages: anti-semitism before Nazism – history and the struggle today In: The legacy of hope - resistance: yesterday and today, Old Court House, Church Street, Brighton, UK, 18 Jan; Northumbria University, UK, 20th Jan; UCU head office, London, UK, 27th Jan, 2010.

Hickey, Tom (2007) Fragile identities Arts Council; University of Brighton, Brighton, UK.

Hickey, Tom and Powell, D, eds. (2007) Democracy: The Long Revolution Continuum. ISBN 0826486762

Hickey, Tom (2007) Globalisation, Exclusion and the Future of Democracy In: Democracy: the Long Revolution. Continuum. ISBN 0826486762

Hickey, Tom (2006) "Multitude" or "class": constituencies of resistance, sources of hope In: Cole, M, ed. Education, Equality and Human Rights. Routledge, pp. 180-201. ISBN 9780415356602

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Other research activites 



  • with D Powell, eds, Two Cheers for Democracy: Resistance and Imagination – the History of Popular Struggle in English History
  • ‘Sculptural politics and the politics of sculpture – essay on the recent work of Ewan Burdett-Smith’
  • with A Rupprecht, eds, Representation and Struggle: Globality, Hisoriography, Art and Architecture


  • ‘The State and its Other in British Industrial Relations’, Historical Materialism
  • ‘Multitude and Class: Analytical Concepts for the c21st’ in Cole, M, ed, Education, Equality and Human Rights, 2nd edn
  • with A Rupprecht, ‘Anti-capitalism; anti-globalisation’, in Edinburgh Companion to Post-colonial Literature

Pre 2001 includes

  • ‘A Concept of Class for the c21st’ in Cole, M, ed, Education, Equality and Human Rights, Routledge, 2000
  • ‘Republicanism in International Relations - Some Problems’, African Book Publishing Record, 2000
  • ‘Mr Rochester’s Ride to York’ (screenplay), 1998, for Frank Field Associatese
  • ‘Black Jacobins’ (screenplay), 1999, for Frank Field Associates
  • ‘Myth and Myopia in the Quest for a New Economic Order’, Comparative Studies in European Politics, 1994
  • ‘Economic Liberalisation – myths and mythologies’, in B. Brecher, ed, Liberalism and the New Europe, Ashgate, 1993
  • 'Is a Socialist Economy Possible? Reflections on Hayek, Nove and Hodgson', Economics Faculty Seminar Working Paper, University of Manchester, 1985

Conference & seminar papers

  • Annual papers at the international conference on Marxism, University of London, Institute of Education 1986-2002: Spectacles and Spectatorship; Utopia and the Conceptual Imagination; Socialism and Freedom – political economy; Marxism and Contemporary Continental Philosophy; and others…
  • ‘Spectres and Portents – Reflections on the 18th Brumaire’ Rereading Marx Conference. Tulane University, New Orleans, US, 2000
  • 'Liberalism, Individualism and New Economic Order', Liberalism and the New Europe Conference, Prague, Czechoslovakia, July 1992
  • 'Is there a Proletarian Science? - the Case of Lysenko', Marxism '92 Conference, University of London (forthcoming)
  • 'Marx's Critique of political Economy', ibid
  • 'Marxism and Scientific Method', Marxism '91 Conference, University of London, 1991
  • 'Arms Spending and Global Economic Stability', ibid
  • 'Military Spending, EconomicStability and the End of the Cold War', TUC Conference on Arms Expenditure, Employment and the New World Order, Eastbourne, 1991
  • 'Stalinism and Nationalism in Eastern Europe', Gwent College of Higher Education, 1990
  • 'Public Sector Higher Education and the Enterprise Culture', Employment Research Unit Annual Conference: Employment Relations and the Enterprise Culture, Cardiff Business School, 1990
  • 'Rosa, Luxemburg & the National Question', Marxism '90 Conference, University of London 1990
  • 'The Newly Industrializing Countries in the World Economy', ibid
  • 'The Philosophical Roots of the Keynesian Revolution', Marxism '89 Conference, University of London, 1989
  • 'A Record of Failure: the Hungarian New Economic Mechanism', ibid
  • 'The Concept of Market Socialism', Marxism '88 Conference, University of London, 1988
  • 'Individualism, Collectivism and the Concept of Need', Critical Social Policy Conference: Socialism and Social Policy, 1988
  • 'The Internat óional Debt Crisis and Third World Development', Marxism '87 Conference, University of London 1987
  • 'The Market in the Transition to Socialism - Reflections on Marx, Bukharin and Nove', ibid
  • 'Theories of Economic Growth and Theories of Value in Contemporary Economical Analysis', Marxism '86 Conference, University of London 1986
  • 'Export Performance and Economic Development: Evidence from the NICs', Economics Graduate Faculty Seminar, University of Sussex, 1980
  • 'Trade Problems of Socialist Economies', Trade Problems of Development Session of the Socialist Development Strategies Seminar, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, 1979