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Belated alliances?

Tracing the intersections between postcolonialism and postcommunism

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Velickovic, Vedrana (2018) Eastern Europeans in Contemporary Literature and Culture: Imagining New Europe Palgrave Macmillan, London. ISBN 9781137537911

Velickovic, Vedrana (2015) 'Justabit fascist': Dubravka Ugrešić, cosmopolitanism and the post-Yugoslav condition In: Platt, Len and Upstone, Sara, eds. Postmodern literature and race. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 145-159. ISBN 9781107042483

Velickovic, Vedrana (2014) ‘Europe in Sepia: An Interview with Dubravka Ugresic’, Special Issue: Writing from the Balkans Wasafiri, 29 (2). pp. 13-17. ISSN 0269-0055

Habib, M.A.R., Birchwood, Matthew, Velickovic, Vedrana, Dines, Martin and Fiske, Shanyn (2013) Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory, J.A. Cuddon, 5th Edition [Edited Collections]

Velickovic, Vedrana (2012) Belated alliances? Tracing the intersections between postcolonialism and postcommunism Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 48 (2). pp. 164-175. ISSN 1744-9855

Velickovic, Vedrana (2011) Melancholic travellers and the idea of (un)belonging in Bernardine Evaristo’s Lara and Soul Tourists Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 48 (1). pp. 65-78. ISSN 1744-9855

Velickovic, Vedrana (2010) Balkanisms Old and New: The Discourse of Balkanism and Self-Othering in Vesna Goldsworthy’s Chernobyl Strawberries and Inventing Ruritania In: Korte, Barbara, Pirker, Eva Ulrike and Helff, Sissy, eds. Facing the East in the West: images of Eastern Europe in British literature, film and culture. Rodopi, Amsterdam, pp. 185-203. ISBN 9042030496

Velickovic, Vedrana (2010) Against Balkanism: women’s academic life writing and personal and collective history in Vesna Goldsworthy’s Chernobyl Strawberries Women: A Cultural Review, 21 (2). pp. 172-188. ISSN 0957-4042

Velickovic, Vedrana (2009) Open Wounds, the Phenomenology of Exile and the Management of Pain: Dubravka Ugresic’s The Ministry of Pain In: Gutthy, Agnieszka, ed. Literature in Exile of East and Central Europe. Middlebury studies in Russian language and literature . Peter Lang, New York, pp. 139-154. ISBN 1433104903

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Further research activities 


Conference Papers

  • ACLA, University of Toronto, 4-7 April 2013. 'Positioning Post-1989 Eastern European Identities' Panel. Title: 'Hello to EU, Goodbye to Balkans: Post-1989 Eastern European (Un)belonging.
  • First International Expert Meeting: Black British Women's Writing: Where is it now?. 20 March 2013. Vrije University Brussel. Title: Teaching Black British Women's Writing.
  • Reworking Postcolonialism: Globalization, Labour and Rights, Institute of English Studies, 26-27 August 2011. Title: Eastern European Workers in the Western Metropolis.
  • The British Comparative Literature Association XII International ‘Archive’ Conference, University of Kent, 5-8 July 2010. Title: Among the Post-Communist Ruins: The Trümmerfrau Figure in Dubravka Ugresic’s 'Nobody’s Home and The Ministry of Pain’.
  • (Invited) Inter-University Postcolonial Studies Seminar, Institute of English Studies, University of London, 9 February 2010. Title: Seeing/Hearing’ Bodies: The Question of Belonging in the Work of Bernardine Evaristo and Dubravka Ugresic.
  • 7th European Feminist Research Conference, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 4-7 June 2009. Title: ‘Where are you from?’: Narratives of (Un)belonging in post-1990 Black British writing.
  • Facing the East in the West: Images of Eastern Europe in British Literature, Film and Culture, Freiburg University, 23-26 July 2009. Title: Speaking Back to the West: The Discourse of Balkanism and Self-othering in Vesna Goldsworthy’s 'Chernobyl Strawberries and Inventing Ruritania’.
  • After the War: Post-War Structures of Feeling, Institute of English Studies, University of London, 8-9 May 2009. Title: Writing the Post-Yugoslav Disaster: 'Dubravka Ugresic’s The Ministry of Pain’.
  • Unsettling Women: Contemporary Women’s Writing and Diaspora, University of Leicester, 11-13 July 2008. Title: Melancholic Travellers and the Idea of (un)belonging in Bernardine 'Evaristo’s Lara and Soul Tourists’.
  • Panel on Life Writing, ESSE 9, University of Aarhus, Denmark, 2008. Title:(M)other’s Gift: Personal and Collective History in Vesna Goldsworthy’s 'Chernobyl Strawberries’.

 Grants and awards

  • 2006–2009: Kingston University’s English Literature Graduate Teaching Assistantship and a fully funded three-year PhD.
  • 2006–2009: ORSAS Grant.

Conference and seminar organisation

  • Black British Women's Writing: Tracing the Tradition and New Directions, University of Brighton 9th July 2014, http://arts.brighton.ac.uk/research/c21/events/events-calendar2/black-british-womens-writing-tracing-the-tradition-and-new-directions.
  • The Literature Seminar Series, University of Brighton, 2013.
  • Life Writing Seminar Series, Centre for Life Narratives, Kingston University. Feb 2010–Feb 2012.
  • Migrancy and the Text, Kingston University, 6 Nov 2010.


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