English Language Teacher Education

The English Language Teaching Education Programme (ELTEP) at the University of Brighton will develop you as a professional and give you a platform to move forward in your career whether in teaching, material design or management. You will benefit from the international student environment, the carefully developed course structure and excellent tuition and support.

Courses on the programme offer diploma and masters level options. A student might, for example, take a diploma course and use the credits from this to continue for one of our MA courses.

  • Our ELTEP courses offer you an applied development of your professional skills, whether this is 'hands-on' teaching practice in the classroom or the development of real world materials and management techniques. 
  • All students benefit from the international range of our student groups. We welcome non-native speakers and options include an extended Masters with language training and our specialist MA in English Language Teaching. 
  • We foster a supportive, encouraging environment at Brighton, with structures to help you towards your degree and your career goals. 
  • All our courses bring you an understanding of the new technologies being used in teaching. We also have a specialist course in our MA in Media-assisted Language Teaching.