Bella Kotak

Bella Kotak

Bella with the west pier in the background

I am a second year MArch student and have been living and studying in Brighton for just over a year. After completing my BA in architecture at another university, the freshness and reputation of Brighton University appealed to me. It is a creative and always friendly environment which I still enjoy being a part of. I currently have two loves in my life, architecture and photography. I feel both interests are complementary and being at Brighton has played a massive part in developing both fields to a point where I am excited to see where the future will take me!

Bella and other MArch students in Amseterdam on a study visit

Brighton is fun, diverse and has a culture which inspires and encourages independent art and businesses. I often feel like I have the best bits of this country's culture, with the added bonus that it has easy access to London and is on the seaside!

My interest in architecture first appeared when I was a young child growing up in Kenya. My father, who designed and built our house, sometimes took me along to his other building projects on visits. I was always fascinated by creating spaces which would capture a moment and hold it for years to come. This eventually grew to the point where I was faced with the option of university, when I decided to tackle a BA in architecture.

Bella Kotak, MArch studio work, section

What I really like about Brighton University is the excellent communication between tutors and us students, the comfortable studio culture and the cross-discipline nature of our projects. Many of us have come here from different universities with our own graphical and design approaches. You end up learning a lot from your peers. Brighton makes room for this peer to peer learning rather than a prescriptive approach of some traditional architecture schools. Obviously, our tutors are always on there to help us along!


Bella Kotak