Language and Linguistics

Linguistics teaching at University of Brighton

English Language and Linguistics courses at the University of Brighton allow you to develop an understanding of a range of perspectives: language variation and language attitudes, language and identity, language in interaction and cross-cultural communication.

The interplay of language in social, political and cultural contexts is examined to appreciate the diversity and power of communication. You will apply different approaches to the analysis of discourse and of regional, social and ethnic varieties of English and to writing for different purposes and audiences.

The courses equip students with high level research skills and a sound basis in theory. The dissertation allows students to address an issue from their disciplinary specialism with the experience of having studied a range of areas of enquiry on a chosen course. 

All courses involve in-depth study of language to understand how words acquire meaning and the effects of language on users.

Postgraduate and research study offer in-depth examination of many areas of language and linguistics. MA/MResearch Linguistics, MA English language and MA Philosophy of Language are a suite of vibrant and intellectually stimulating postgraduate courses designed for students with particular interests in theoretical linguistics (semantics/pragmatics interface), philosophy of language, and areas which investigate language through social and cultural contexts, such as language and identity, relationship between language, culture and ideology, including language variation and language attitudes.

The degrees in our Language and Linguistics subject area are principally taught at our Falmer Campus.