PhD in Digital and Creative Media, Media Practices and Cultures, Film Studies and Popular Culture

Digital and creative media are at the forefront of different forms of change within societies – economic, political and cultural. Our expertise covers these areas and relates to industry developments and practices as well as community activism in local and global contexts and changes in the nature of audiences and their engagements.

The Brighton Fuse project highlights the integration of diverse media-related approaches and skills to the new creative and digital economy and innovation within it. These developments apply to non-profit and political agendas, for example sustainability, as much as to commercial ones.

Our cross-cutting expertise includes gender and sexualities, identities, sub-cultures, and transmedia.

Our research and knowledge-exchange activities engage us with diverse businesses, communities and policy actors including media, publishers, digital companies, community groups and diverse key bodies such as Greenpeace.

Digital and community development research study

Our track record in supervision in digital areas includes case studies of policy settings in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and China, and incorporates issues of exclusion and inclusion as well as empowerment and identity formation. Focus also includes a wide range of LGBT areas and covers, for example, inter-generational digital storytelling.

Future cities and big data and associated areas of sustainable mobility (EPSRC-funded e-bikes project; sound studies and visualisation also feature in our research interests as do environment and media and the cultural politics of climate change.

Gillian Youngs, Professor of Digital Economy, has recently been leading research on Fusebox 24 an experimental programme for innovators, an ESRC Series ‘Digital Policy: Connectivity, Creativity and Rights’  and a British Academy project on digital identity Discovering Digital Me.

Projects on twenty-first century, digitally-connected communities are led by researchers at the university, with associated PhD students, including the Community 21 project

Film, media and cultural research study

In film our research links to extensive industry networks nationally and internationally and incorporates the Cine Excess international conference and festival on global cult film traditions and the new Cine Excess e-journal, both led by Xavier Mendik.

We supervise in the areas of cultural history-making, and the relationship between literary categories and everyday life, feminist theory and popular culture, mass observation and photography, and the digital shifts in textual cultures.

The University of Brighton offers a strong portfolio of cross-disciplinary PhD opportunities including those with practice disciplines including art, design, broadcasting, architecture, education and health.

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