Michael Vogt

H30 Boeklin

H31 CD Friedrich

H32 Daguerre

H33 Mantegna

H34 Hubert

The photographic work presented is based on the Foucauldian concept of Heterotopia and its subsequent interpretations, best summarised as follows:

“Heterotopic relationships unsettle because they have the effect of making things appear out of place. The juxtaposition of the unusual creates a challenge to all settled representations; it challenges order and its sense of fixity and certainty. This process of similitude is revelatory, like a collage, it brings forward the out-of-place and offers it up as a basis for alternative perspectives and orderings….”

Hetherington, Kevin (1997). The Badlands of Modernity: Heterotopia & Social Ordering. London: Routledge, p.50.

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