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Featured TECHNE students 


Lucy Coggle

I am preoccupied by two dominant metaphors around digital art, shimmering and flatness. I want to flesh out the implications of the terminology, what it tells us about art in wider digital context and the relationship between the viewer, artist and the art in a terrain of shimmering flatness.


Mary Kate Connolly

Dance performances leave behind potent remains in the form of their costumes. These remnants haunt the stage, both evoking the magic of performance, and heralding its death in their failure to wholly reconstitute it. Traditional archival practices entomb these garments in protected conditions, ensuring their physical survival, whilst also perpetuating an existence which is detached from the performance in which they came to life.


Onyeka Igwe

he Imperial Archive produces, what we know as the ‘truths’ of our colonial past. This information is held in institutions: museums, galleries and archival collections that name and limit sources and systems of knowledge. Archivisation therefore, is a source of power, using Foucault’s conceptualisation of the knowledge/power paradigm.