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Featured TECHNE students 


Jo Langton

I propose to research and reveal the relationship between the technological inventions and musical creativity of a selection of electronic composers in the period 1950s-80s. These composers (who include Daphne Oram, Theresa Rampazzi, Beatriz Ferreyra and Laurie Spiegel) are of particular research interest as they all combined technological invention with music composition (what may now be referred to as ‘electronicist’) and their contributions are under-represented in the field.


Judith Rifeser

My study interrogates the haptic within a corpous of contemporary films by female filmmakers through a critical engagement with Luce Irigaray's concepts of female subjectivity. The application of Irigarayan theory and film-philosophical ideas on the haptic to embodied praxis is to date an uncharted field of research. My research aims to bridge the gap between theoretical research in film philosophy, feminist phenomenology and the emergent practice-based research within film scholarship.


Ian Jakobi

Continental philosophy has moved beyond declarations of the death of the subject to reconsider how agency can be thought without being reduced to ideological notions of the individual. When it comes to political philosophy this has had the effect of removing the tie between history and subjectivity inasmuch as it can no longer be argued that politics consists of self-conscious agents acting out set roles in a historical narrative.