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Screendance reading list

Updated by Claudia Kappenberg, January 2017


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An index of Chirstinn Whyte writings and the collected practitioner writings, Unspooled, can be found at 

Contextual and Interdisciplinary Reading

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Screendance blogs/ resources:

The Centre for Screendance blog, Brighton UK

Art in Motion, Screendance Studies Blog, Grenoble, France


Dance Films Association New York, USA

Selected Screendance Media

Wim Vandekeybus, Wim Vandekeybus Dance & Short Fiction Films, Publ: Ultima Vez [DVD], 2006

Maya Deren, Maya Deren Experimental Films [DVD] [NTSC], 2002

Miriam Arsham, In the Mirror of Maya Deren [DVD] [NTSC], 2002

Andrea Bol, Dance for Camera [DVD] [NTSC], 2003

Silvie Guillem, Evidentia [DVD],1996

Take 7, Screendance DVD,

Jose Maria Alves, Gabriel Castillo and Lloyd Newson, DV8 - The Cost Of Living [DVD], 2004

Lloyd Newson, Three Ballets by Dv8 [DVD], 2007

Wim Wenders, Pina [DVD], 2011

ADFV-25 through ADFV-29, Screendance Anthology: a diverse collection of films screened at the International Screendance Festival in Durham, North Carolina. [DVD], 5 Discs, 2009

Siobhan Davies and David Hinton (2012) All This Can Happen. <>