The House that Kevin Built 2012 The Brighton Waste House

Brighton 'Waste House'

WH Title
The Brighton Waste House

The Waste House, situated in the Grand Parade Campus quad
The Waste House June 2014

2000 Carpet tiles

office tiles
Used carpet tiles - used as external hanging tiles for walls

Inner Tubes
500 Inner Tubes

Inside the Waste House
Upstairs inside the Waste House

Open creative studio
An open creative studio

Old lights from a ship

Side of Waste House
2km of second-hand 2”x2” softwood timber - used throughout building and sourced from skips/ City College/ Brighton Wood Store.

4000 Video Tapes

Videos in the viewing panel
4,000 VHS video cassettes - used as wall insulation

MA Sustainable Design
Home of MA Sustainable Design

19800 Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes through the viewing panel
19,800 toothbrushes - Gatwick Airport supplied 20K, school children and Freegle supplied 1K - used as wall insulation

View up the stairs
10m2 of compressed recycle paper forming stair treads and risers - Supplied by Lindner Group

1.8 Tonnes of denim

Topping Out 2
view from the ground floor looking up at the roof structure

275 City College
275 college and university students involved in the build of the waste house

Topping Out 1
apprentices working working on the roof, nearing the topping out stage

2000 Cassettes

Drilling a roof joist
Drilling a roof joist

Video Tape wall
Video Tapes being used as insulation

Apprentices inner wall
Apprentices working on inner wall

750 School children
750 school children visited the waste house during construction

Bucket of toothbrues
Pupils with a bucket of toothbrushes for Insulation

Ana Certificate
Ana receiving a Mears apprentice Certificate

Young people on site
Young people on site

Street View of WH
Street view of the Waste House in July 2013



The House That Kevin Built
Some of the team on launch day

One of The House That Kevin Built partners without whom none of this would be possible

Duncan Baker-Brown with insulating 'waste'
Some of the waste that will fill the walls of the Brighton Waste House

Launch of the 'Waste House' phase
Caroline Lucas MP and architect Duncan Baker-Brown

Waste House launch
Caroline Lucas MP helps lay a concrete block

The 'Brighton Waste House'

There's no such thing as waste...
With the new development of 'The House That Kevin Built' project, partners adopt a new mantra and look towards Britain's first house built entirely of waste.

The House That Kevin Built 6
Duncan Baker-Brown and Kevin McCloud

The Brighton Waste House – The development of a ‘living laboratory’ for ecological architectural design.

The Brighton Waste House investigates strategies for constructing a contemporary, low energy,  permanent building using over 85% ‘waste’ material drawn from household and construction sites.

Now fully completed, the building is Europe's first permanent public building made almost entirely from material thrown away or not wanted. It is also an EPC ‘A’ rated low energy building.

If you would like to book the Waste House for an event or would like to use our open creative studio space, please enquire through our online booking form for the Brighton Waste House

58-67 Grand Parade, Brighton BN2 OJY. See map.

Model of the Waste House


All the details on how and why the Waste House started, who will benefit and why it is necessary.

Infographic Thumb

Learn about the Waste House

Your chance to take a virtual tour around the Brighton Waste House lead by it’s architect Duncan Baker-Brown.

The Waste House Team


Keep up to date with the latest developments happening on the Waste House site.

Artist impression

Research and education

The Waste House is a project offering learning experiences and research impact.

The Team with Local MP


All of the Waste House press material, including the press releases, images, press coverage and how to contact us

Partners and supporters

Partners and supporters

The people that have helped the Waste House project


'Waste House' videos

Behind the scene footage documenting the journey of the Waste House.

ground works start 3

'Waste House' image bank

The building of the Waste House in pictures.

Kevin McCloud is involved in the re-building of his House that Kevin Built on our Grand Parade Campus

THTKB London 2008

Kevin McCloud is involved in the re-building of his House that Kevin Built on our Grand Parade Campus

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