Forthcoming research events

Join weekly seminars and public lectures from across the arts and humanities during term-time, as well as regular scholarly exhibitions and performances. Keep in touch with our full calendar of research and scholarly events in arts and humanities



The Novel at the End of History

25th May 2017 6:30pm G7 Pavilion Parade


An introduction to preserving old documents

7th Jun 2017 2:00pm The Keep, Wollards Way, Brighton, BN1 9BP


Contesting Britain at War Workshop

8th Jun 2017 9:00am - 9th Jun 2017 5:00pm Grand Parade

Research disciplines

Research at the University of Brighton is organised either as a university-approved research centre or a research group. A research centre has a formal management structure, an established reputation for producing outstanding research that is of international standing, and it provides an environment that is able to support the development of research careers.

The College of Arts and Humanities also fosters research through its disciplinary foci.

Latest research news in arts

The college researchers contribute regularly to a shared hub of interdisciplinary knowledge. Through this system of Research News we are able to develop new connections and maximise the potential of the research environment. Explore further Research News.

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