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The BrightONLINE journal of literary criticism and creativity was developed by Dr Kate Aughterson and the editorial group at the University of Brighton in 2014: Matthew Iredale, Jack Thurland, Austin MacFadden, Catherine Peck, Rebecca Poutler.

The ambition is to offer undergraduate students their own space for creative and critical writing through a peer-review and editorial system. The resulting journal will, we hope, be part of the rich world of critical and creative practice that the University of Brighton is continually developing in literature.

The brightONLINE journal aims to offer works which we believe will be of interest to a community outside the student body and the current year group and which demonstrate the work which students are undertaking at the University of Brighton.

We welcome contributions to the journal. Please read our submission details page first.

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Dr. Kate Aughterson
Senior Lecturer, English Literature
Faculty of Arts,
University of Brighton




brightONLINE student literary journal

06 Oct 2011