Issue number three

Articles from our latest edition.


THE DICHOTOMY OF EVE: ‘She for God in Her’

Final year dissertation on the representation of women in the genesis narrative

In re-writing the Genesis creation story, Johnson looks to Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ to uncover the constraints Christian theology has placed on women, and literature, over time. She breaks through these patriarchal bonds with her depiction of Eve, in a lucid and engaging narrative that shows the reality of womanhood.

Amy Johnson

The Master and Margarita: Deconstructing Social Realism

Final year dissertation on Russian Social Realism.

Belyk explores the creation of Russian Socialist Realism as a genre, and considers the ideology that is so imbibed within it. She elucidates, with a richly theoretical approach, Mikhail Bulgakov’s inversion of the genre in ‘Master & Margarita’ to create a critique not just of life in 1930s Moscow, but of humanity itself.

Kristina Belyk

Was There a Gender Revolution in the Seventeenth-Century?

Critical essay from the Early Modern module.

Murphy's essay looks at the second class status of women during the Renaissance and the efforts made to overcome that. Exploring the seventeenth-century idealised image of women, it asks whether their representation in art and literature as rising above male oppression can be seen as a gender revolution.

Michaela Murphy

What Do Writers Find In Other Lands?

Critical essay from the Early Modern module.

This essay discusses the idea that early modern literature suggests there was a need to convert all that was not considered ‘European’ into a more ‘civilised’ world, as foreign lands, people and religions were considered ‘barbaric’. This prevalent and common thought is demonstrated and argued through Owen’s in depth study of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and Milton

Daniel Owens

I am averse

A collection of sonnets written for the Creative Writing module.

A collection of sonnets by Joe Shier

Joe Shier

Melancholia in Charlotte Smith’s Verse

Final year dissertation on Sussex poet Charlotte Smith.

This dissertation explores the strong connection between the work of the 'lost' poet Charlotte Smith and melancholia. Through Charlotte's verse and with the knowledge of her personal life, Hunt examines how the history of melancholia in literature and melancholia resulting from particular events within the poet's life, is intertwined and informs the poet's writing style throughout her career.

Olly Hunt


Project from the Media and English Literature degree.

THANKS is a six minute documentary project that challenges the notion of the passerby. The strangers we usually walk past without second thought are asked one question, and the responses range from the trivial to the touching. As we’re enlightened with different views and attitudes towards life, we find ourselves questioning our own.

Matt de Sousa