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Networks magazine was established in 2007 by the Art Design Media Higher Education Academy Subject Centre, based at the University of Brighton and funded by the UK higher education funding councils.

The Subject Centre closed on 31 March 2012. From 2 April, a small team in the College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Brighton, Jenny Embleton, Debbie Flint and Stephen Mallinder, will continue to produce Networks with support and advice from Professor Stuart Laing and Dr Michael Wilson. 

We will endeavour to maintain the network of colleagues in art, design and media higher education through quarterly publication of Networks and regular publication of news updates from the sector. If you enjoy reading Networks we hope that you will consider making a submission. For further information

We would like to thank the Higher Education Academy for its generous contribution towards funding Issue 17 of Networks, due to be published in April 2012. 

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We run an electronic mail list through the JISCmail service. To join the list, follow the instructions at www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/ADM-HEA.html. You will be able to raise discussion topics, receive and exchange information with colleagues, we also send a weekly link to our news blog. The link above accesses the archive of communications.

The Art Design Media Subject Centre (ADM-HEA) website

The Art Design Media Subject Centre was one of the 24 Higher Education Academy's Subject Centres. It was established in 2000 to support and enhance learning and teaching in higher education art, design, media theory and practice, the history of art and design and cultural studies subjects. From August 2011 the Subject Centres began a process of closure with funding from the HEA to cover a transition period. The ADM-HEA's transition funding period ends on 31 March 2011. 

ADM-HEA developed and expanded a network of colleagues. The network was supported by events where colleagues met, shared and developed ideas. 

ADM-HEA organised, supported, and disseminated information about a range of events designed to enhance the student experience in art, design and media subjects often in collaboration with subject associations and other professional bodies. Activities ranged from regional workshops to national seminars and conferences.

ADM-HEA developed, supported and funded collaborative research and development projects and the outcomes were shared across the network. The Subject Centre provided funding for small projects within colleges and universities and contributed to larger scale projects in collaboration with national agencies.

To supplement the research and development projects, ADM-HEA drew on the experience and creativity of colleagues to develop a collection of resource reviews, case studies, and pedagogic research. These resources were shared across the community via the website and Networks magazine.

The website has been archived and the resources are available here: www.adm.heacademy.ac.uk/



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