University of Brighton Fashion and Textiles 2012


Naomi Partington

Translucency and Density

The process of knitting inspires me as fabric can be created that is unique and can be pushed and manipulated further. I challenge myself to develop innovative and interesting textures through experimentation, and combining different processes.

For my graduate collection I wanted to explore ways to alter certain qualities of knit within each piece, changing the weight, density and structure, then working back into pieces with crochet, dyeing and felting. My inspiration came from studying the delicate surface texture and structure of crystals. Creating knitted pieces that could appear opaque and dense then become sheer and delicate. I achieved this by experimenting with different yarns, using them for their individual qualities. By crocheting back into pieces I could create layers with a raised surface texture. I wanted my collection to be light, fragile and feminine. To create a softness to my work I kept my colour palette very subtle, using intarsia to graduate stripes of colour.


This year I was awarded 1st prize by Bradford Textile Society for a knitted swatch for Womenswear, as well as the Woolmark Company Special Award for ingenuity of entry. I was also awarded 1st Prize from Nagoya University Japan in recognition of my work.


I've also spent time in industry working as an intern for knitwear designers at Jaeger and DKNY, which has influenced my work, relating it to a commercial industry. I’ve also worked for Larch Rose Swatching Company in Brighton, which has developed my skills in garment construction and designing with woven fabrics as knitwear.

©All Designs and images, Naomi Partington, 2012