Additional chapters

Social Engagement: the ability to work constructively within and between social groups to create more resilient and sustainable communities. Juliet Millican Social Engagement  
Energy Literacy: Understanding and Communicating Energy Issues. Gavin Harper Energy Literacy

The Emerging Paradigm. Geoff Fagan

Emerging Paradigm  
Climate Change Awareness: The ability to factor climate change into decision making. Ian Lander and Cathy Green Climate Change Awareness  

Interdisciplinary Literacy: The ability to critique disciplinary cultures and work effectively across disciplines. Roland Tormey, Mags Liddy, Deirdre Hogan

Interdisciplinary Literacy
Problem Based Learning: the ability to conduct independent inquiry into real-life issues. Jason Macvaugh Problem Based Learning
Natural Health Awareness: maintaining the health of the planet by maintaining optimum personal health. Jennifer Patterson Health Awareness  
Harnessing Information Technology: the ability to identify ways in which it could be used to enhance sustainability. Lisa Payne Information Technology  
Critical and Reflective Thinking: the ability to reflect critically on sustainability challenges. Fiona Tilley, Claire Marsh, Lucie Middlemiss and Bradley Parrish Critical Thinking

Sustainability Literacy: two perspectives. Paul Vare & John Blewitt

Two Perspectives