Optimisation: the art of personal sufficiency, John Naish, author of Enough: breaking free from the world of excess


In the modern developed world, the vast majority of us can be supplied with the things we need as a basis for living contented and fulfilled lives, such as food, heating, healthcare, safe transport and security. But our society tells us that we should always pursue ‘more’ – whether it be more money, possessions, choices, work or growth… and ultimately more of a commodity called ‘happiness’. But this approach is increasingly backfiring, with the Western world now suffering growing epidemics of depression, stress and anxiety – along with a range of stress-related physical diseases such as cardiovascular disease. This population-wide pursuit of ‘always more’ has also set consumer culture on a collision course with ecological collapse. Thus, our constant striving appears to makes us increasingly miserable as well as physically endangered (see de Graaf 2005).

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