Fine Art

Fine Art at Brighton fosters a dynamic research culture with three key aims:

  •  To nurture individual research through group appraisal
  •  To promote collaborative inter-disciplinary research within the university and beyond.
  • To generate networks and encourage research partnerships to a national and international level.

To do this, the Initiative is split into six interlinked topics:

  • Art & Technology - studio and process-based research
  • The Art Cell - inter-disciplinary research, linking art and bio-medical science
  • Art & Performance - ‘live’ and audio-visual research that explores the interface between these two disciplines
  • Innovation in Teaching & Learning - student placements and pedagogic collaborations
  • Art in the Environment - research carried out as a response to climate change and natural phenomena
  • Inclusive Arts - research collaborations with communities who, traditionally, work outside the artworld)
  • Drawing Research Interest Group (DRIG) – research into expanded notions of drawing

As part of its continual development of research the group holds regular peer discussions, reviews, exhibitions, awaydays and symposia.