Greg Garrard

Greg Garrard

1. Greg Garrard shares what he thinks are the most important qualities and skills for students to develop in order to contribute to sustainable develop.

2. For Greg Garrard’s literature students, a key sustainability skill will be a flexibility of thinking, enabling them to transfer the positive values learned from literature into the work place. 

3. Greg Garrard explains how he encourages students to use generic skills building modules to develop sustainability expertise.

4. Greg Garrard describes learning activities that encourage students to apply Eco-Critical theory onto various different mediums, helping them to appreciate its relevance to many areas of life.

5. Greg Garrard explains how his relationship with Education for Sustainable development all began in the midst of an on-going squabble with his Dad!

Click for pdf download of Greg Garrard's chapter 'Ecocriticism' from the Handbook for Sustainability Literacy