Andy Goldring

Andy Goldring

1. Andy Goldring highlights the opportunity provided by the free fall of the global financial system.

2. Andy Goldring envisions graduates leaving university with the ability to think and act like and ecosystem

3. Andy Goldring describes a learning exercise that can help students understand how complex systems can form mutually beneficial relationships. 

4. Andy Goldring explains how complex thinking skills can be applied to many different problems.


Andy Goldring is a long term activist with permaculture in Britain and has been the Development Co-ordinator of the Permaculture Association (Britain) for several years. Previously he served on the Association's Council of Management & later as Chair. His main areas of experience are organisational and administration; using thinking tools & design processes.

He has taught on design courses and led many workshops and facilitation sessions. He edited the excellent Permaculture Teachers Guide. With others he has designed small areas of land (10 acres) including woodlands, gardens for those with special needs and gardens. He is keen to support other teachers and designers in their work, in Yorkshire and neighbouring counties. His specialist areas are in Community Enterprise, Bioregionalism, Permanence in Culture, Advanced Design Courses & mind mapping.