Wayne Schroeder

Wayne Schroeder

1. Wayne Schroeder believes the key attribute students must arm themselves with in their quest for sustainable development is a radical amazement at the beauty of life.

2. Wayne explains the strategic shift that he attempts to facilitate within the thinking of his students.

3. Wayne Schroeder explains how he helps his students to feel the beauty of food and nature.

4. Wayne Schroeder describes the journey of his students as they begin to feel the beauty and genius of the natural world and to experience the genius of each vegetable!

5. Wayne Schroeder shares his ‘Design a carrot’ exercise.


Wayne Schroeder is a trained chef and cheese-maker. As Catering Manager at Schumacher College he now inspires others to consider sustainability issues through food while keeping the College at the cutting edge of food policy with regard to organic, fair-trade and local ingredients.