Contributors to Issue 17

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to issue 17 of Networks. .... Karen Arrand (Coventry University); Daniel Ashton (Bath Spa University); Bernadette Blair (Kingston University); Samantha Broadhead (Leeds College of Art; Louise Buckingham (De Montfort University); Mike Caddis; Karen Cham (Kingston University); James Corazzo (University of Derby); Al...


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List of contributors

Karen Arrand 
Coventry University

Daniel Ashton 
Bath Spa University

Bernadette Blair
Kingston University

Samantha Broadhead 
Leeds College of Art

Louise Buckingham
De Montfort University

Mike Caddis

Karen Cham
Kingston University

James Corazzo
University of Derby

Allan Davies

Jenny Embleton
University of Brighton

Debbie Flint
University of Brighton

Sue Garland
Leeds College of Art

Elizabeth Gaston 
University of Leeds

Jackie Goodman
Hull School of Art and Design

Richard Keeble 
University of Lincoln

Stephen Mallinder
University of Brighton

David Mathew 
University of Bedfordshire

Catherine McDermott
Kingston University

Ian Newsham 
De Montfort University

Susan Orr
Sheffield Hallam University

Sarah Rowles

University of Chester

Jac Saorsa 
Cardiff School of Art and Design

United Kingdom Arts and Design Institutions Association (ukadia) 

David Vaughan

Shân Wareing
University of the Arts London

Mantz Yorke

Networks is produced by:

Jenny Embleton, Debbie Flint and Stephen Mallinder with the support and advice of Stuart Laing and Michael Wilson.


Every attempt has been made to provide up to date and accurate information. External contact information and links are provided to readers in the belief that they are of a suitable standard but the accuracy and quality of the information provided cannot be quaranteed by the editors.

The views expressed in Networks are those of the authors and do not necessarily coincide with those of the Editorial team.

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23 Apr 2012