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The opportunity to study and create an exhibition on an exchange programme at Nagoya University of Art in Japan with my course inspired and enabled me to create a discourse around the process of exchanging and celebrating the art, design and media from our different cultures. 

This valuable experience taught me to listen, reflect and articulate the immediate and specific context and environment using my inter-disciplinary practice and values and visual language of Live Art.

I was inspired to create an international call out for submissions into the EXCHANGE ZINE, creating a network for student artists who had previously been on the exchange, from other Universities in UK and Nagoya University of Art. By creating an accessible shared space using an interactive installation I presented the EXCHANGE ZINE. Audiences were actively challenged and empowered to partake and contribute to the installation by undoing the bow that wraps the EXCHANGE ZINE gift, and tying an object or display their artwork which varied from hats, paintings and origami in its place. Further exploring ephemerality, the exhibition was streamed live to the internet for the a wider audience, back in the UK to view, comment and take part in the exchange opportunity. 



Lucinda Abel
Performance and Visual Art
University of Brighton



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23 Apr 2012