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Missing by Jill Woods



I am currently studying at Cambridge School of Art in my third year of a B.A. Hons Fine Art course, which has allowed me to develop my thinking and concepts relating to my own practice and in turn has led me to become interested in mixed media installation portraying a reflection of other people’s lives. The work I am submitting is built around the persona of Lady Jillian Wayward and is part of her ongoing life and times at Ruskin Towers which is her home in Cambridge. I would add that this persona was able to grow and develop at the beginning of my course and has built up around it as the time has gone by. My present practice is installation, portraying to the viewer a narrative imagined or otherwise, of an individual, through different situations they find themselves in. I am interested in the construction and placement of different components within installations which convey a language in a purely visceral way to the viewer which in turn can develop a thought process of truth or fiction.

My course has not only given me space and time to reflect on my own practice, but to give birth to another identity which would never have existed.

Jill Woods
Fine Art
Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University



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23 Apr 2012