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We go through life taking the beauty of learning and experience for granted. Beaten down by the subconscious acts of society and the rigmarole of everyday life, blissfully unaware of the puppeteers tugging at our strings. Some people no matter how free they do, or do not feel, they will always be imprisoned in their own minds, and limited by the knowledge they have. 

Reflecting on my own experience, learning Fine Art Printmaking can provide a way of working with thoughts through conceptual realisations and practical application, ultimately offering the ability to refine the key to self expression and freedom. 

For me, to be able to free my inner self, my inner thoughts and feelings through visual imagery, is something I had to learn. My image responds to learning experiences in art, design and media through a personal story of my past, present and future choices. The path I chose to change and future paths I can now choose from because of my artistic experience. Before my HE experience my thoughts were random and uncentred. Now with skills, confidence, and the ability to free my imprisoned mind into the world. I can now achieve the future I desire.

Juliana Carey
Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University



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23 Apr 2012