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New View by Katy McDonald


I am highly interested in producing contemporary outcomes by using combinations of different, often traditional, printmaking and mixed media techniques.

The collection I am currently working on is called Growth and Process The work symbolizes this to me. The forms grow and, through the use of many layers, the image illustrates the print process, which fascinates me. The shapes and patterns I use seem to take on a life of their own so I’m constantly experimenting with new ideas and combining techniques. The images also represent my own growth as an individual as I become more independent through a mixture of different decisions as well as grow as an artist. Moving to Cambridge from Perth in Scotland was a huge leap for me to take to try to further my education and career in art.

Drawing the pattern helps me to think through these decisions and relax. I listen to a lot of music when creating different plates so the drawings and prints often reflect the rhythms. 

I enjoy hearing other’s thoughts and interpretation of my work as the images can mean something totally different to each and every individual.

Katy McDonald
Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University



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23 Apr 2012