Seminar 10: Policy, Privacy and Digital Presence

6th Nov 2013 - 7th Nov 2013

ESRC Seminar Series: Digital Policy: Connectivity, Creativity and Rights

Co-organizers: CREATe (RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy); Adam Smith Research Foundation; Policy Scotland.

November 6-7, 2013, University of Glasgow, Scotland

This seminar brings together academic researchers, policymakers, and digital industry and third sector participants to address core areas that are now featuring in governance-related processes and debates at all levels: local, national and global.

The seminar’s central focus is the relationship of individuals, societies, political and profit and non-profit organizations, to the new complexities of the digital ecosystem and their diverse impacts on what it means to be present in the world and who has control over that presence.

Keynote Speaker

Caspar Bowden

Independent privacy researcher and advocate

Key questions include:

  • What are the priorities for policy linked to digital rights to be and be forgotten?
  • How has the concept of privacy changed in the digital world, and what kinds of ethical and identity challenges does such change present?
  • In market terms what are the ‘ownership’ issues surrounding digital presence and critiques of them?
  • What are the privacy implications for new social and business models based on big data?
  • How do we need to think afresh in the digital age about our theories of identity to take full account of networked virtual presence?
  • How is memory being expanded, threatened and disrupted by digital processes?
  • What does the Internet of Everything (IoE) mean for digital presence?
  • In what ways are disruptions of state secrecy boundaries shifting public sphere configurations and relationships including traditional and new forms of digital media?

This will be a working seminar with limited places (30) to ensure detailed engagement. Participants will be asked to prepare a short position paper (two pages) to be distributed to participants in advance as a basis for discussion and the programme will include major presentations on key areas. A summary briefing paper covering the major areas discussed will be prepared and distributed following the seminar.

Anyone interested in participating should contact the seminar organizer Gillian Youngs ( as soon as possible with their full contact details and a short paragraph on their work and focus of interest in being involved. We welcome participation from all areas of research and practice related to the topic including from academic, policy and business sectors. We are keen to hear from PhD students whose work on relevant areas is at an advanced stage.

These seminars are fully funded covering standard UK travel and accommodation where necessary and all catering so there are no charges for participants.

The ESRC research seminar series Digital Policy: Connectivity, Creativity and Rights (ES/I001816/2) is led by Gillian Youngs, University of Brighton, with Tracy Simmons, University of Leicester, William Dutton, Oxford Internet Institute and Katharine Sarikakis, University of Vienna. A volume from the series edited by Gillian Youngs, Digital World: Connectivity, Creativity and Rights, has recently been published by Routledge.