Mobility of the Line

Hong Kong

A student led symposium which investigated the mobility of the line

An architect usually draws lines of future designs that even when drawn already start to affect space of the paper or the screen by claiming a territory. In the same way a dancer performs a movement through space claiming a territory while leaving behind invisible lines on a stage. Similarly an actor may be speaking lines read from a script and by using words, yet unwritten lines, divide a space or even the land.

In the world pervasive role of time-based and image-based media like film and animation the mobility of the line seem to be at the heart of many disciplines. In order to discover and explore how some of the disciplines concerned with film, graphic design, photography, performance and animation affect space, design process and respectively architecture we have introduced what we believe to be a common theme and the thread between these disciplines in order to open up a conversation – the mobility of the line. In order to be able to have a conversation between different disciplines a discussion on the formation of ideas and methods of working needs to be discussed. Through such discussions a discovery of unknown territories will evolve an interdisciplinary way of conversation.

The symposium aimed to instigate such conversation both through practice and academic discussion. We invited academics and practitioners concerned with this topic to address the mobility of the line from within their own creative process and methods of working. We were interested in discussing the critical aspect of the dominant working methods and processes in terms of the formation of ideas and in terms of using particular techniques. This interdisciplinary event aimed to discover and understand the creative process of each discipline and will aim to find interdisciplinary connections through discovering different methods of working with each single discipline.