Screen Search Fashion

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Enhancing students’ experience and understanding of the Screen Archive South East online resource

Project leader: Rebecca Arnold, RCA

Other team members: Hannah Kauffman, Elaine Sheppard, Frank Gray, Ine Van Dooren

Screen Search Fashion was a collaborative project between the RCA and the Screen Archive South East (SASE) at University of Brighton.  It focused upon the creation of enhanced film descriptions and a connected thematic resource. This comprised web-based learning routes focused on 1920s and 1930s fashion, as seen in archive film, and serves as a complementary resource to the archive’s existing online database.  The project united the SASE archivists’ skills in cataloguing, organisation and online data presentation with the RCA fashion historians’ knowledge of 1920s and 1930s dress, and its analysis and use within teaching and learning.

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The project has created an online teaching and learning resource that will be accessible to all, and which enables a fascinating resource, which has hitherto been underused for fashion research, to be opened up to a wider audience. The vast potential of non-fiction film as a resource for students interested in fashion and dress is highlighted by the project’s outputs, and because the resource is online, it has the potential to contribute to dress historians’ developing interest in everyday fashions.

See the Screen Search Fashion website at: