Transatlantic Divide In Design Education

A comparison between British and American design education

Participants: Chloe Bryon (Illustration), Millie Scarlett Davies (Graphic Design), Claire Louise Murray (Graphic Design), Bronwyn Opland (Graphic Design)

This was a student based investigation fueled by our own personal interests and experiences. Through interviews and discussions with students, educators, designers and creative practitioners we explored and questioned the current systems of design education. Our collated conversations about design education will be presented in a book.

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We carried out 5 weeks of interviews in New York where we visited people in their studios, the universities they taught at and some even invited us to their own homes. To name but a few, Chris Rose gave us a wonderful tour around RISD at Rhode Island and Michael Beiruit invited us to a talk that he was giving at Pentagram. Upon our return, we were also lucky enough to have been invited by Ian Wright to speak at his talk for D&AD's Xchange lecture series, which took place in September 2009. We were excited and enthusiastic about our findings and continued to carry out interviews in London on our return. We also presented our findings to date on November 18th at the University of Brighton. For further information about about our project please get in touch:

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