Living Legend Masterclasses


Encouraging an interdisciplinary approach to the use of the materials and promoting student centred learning

Project leader: Qona Rankin, RCA; with Felicity Aylieff and Taelim Rhee of the RCA


This pilot project involved producing and showcasing videos of leading practitioners demonstrating key techniques within their field, focusing primarily on technicians within the Ceramics and Glass Department at the Royal College of Art (RCA).  The initial pilot videos were supplemented with additional print and online materials acting as an ‘aide memoire’ for the student to take into the workshop with them.

Turning on a lathe - how to make a one piece dropout Click here to play the Lathe video
Sledging - making a waste mould part 1 Click here to play the Sledging 1 video
Sledging - making a waste mould part 2 Click here to play the Sledging 2 video


Art and design practices rely heavily on teaching through demonstration. Therefore a visual record of the demonstration in the form of a video will increase access to, and reinforce learning. This resource will not only help students but also benefit the institutions involved by broadening access to knowledge amongst all the staff, improving health and safety awareness and raising the profile of technical instructors.  If successful this project could lead to the development of additional video in other disciplines.