Looking to Learn, Learning to See

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Writing and editing the book Museums and Design Education: Looking to Learn, Learning to See

Project leader: Beth Cook

The editors were CETLD Research Fellow Beth Cook, CETLD, Higher Education Officer Rebecca Reynolds and CETLD Research Fellow Catherine Speight.

Participants: Kate Arnold-Forster, Head of University Museums & Collections Service, University of Reading; Anne Boddington, CETLD Director and Dean of Faculty, College of Arts and Humanities, University of Brighton; Jos Boys, Senior Research Fellow, CETLD; Prof. Geoffrey Caban, University of Technology, Sydney; Mark Carnall, Curator, The Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL; Beth Cook, CETLD Research Fellow; Morna Hinton, Head of Learning Services, V&A; Torunn Kjolberg, PhD student, University of Brighton; Patrick Letschka, Senior Lecturer (Architecture and Design), University of Brighton; Rebecca Reynolds, CETLD Higher Education Officer; Dr Karina Rodriguez-Echavarria, Research Fellow, Management and Information Sciences Faculty, University of Brighton; Dr Carol Ann Scott, Museum Consultant; Jill Seddon, Principal Lecturer, Historical & Critical Studies, University of Brighton; Rhi Smith, Undergraduate Learning Officer, Museum of English Rural Life (CETL-AURS), University of Reading; Catherine Speight, CETLD Research Fellow; Lars Wieneke, Research Fellow,  University of Brighton, EPOCH Research Group, University of Brighton.

Museums and Design Education: Looking to Learn, Learning to See is aimed at a readership of HE and museum professionals. It includes chapters on:

  • museum-university collaboration
  • pedagogical approaches in museums and universities
  • the use of technology in design students' learning in museums
  • the design of museum-based learning materials for university students
  • HE courses based around museums


The book is available from the publisher, Ashgate:

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