Energy Surveys


Concerns over climate change, energy security and peak oil are some of the reasons why organisations are striving to reduce their carbon footprint. 

WERG can help you reduce your footprint by helping you understand how energy is being used in your organisation. You will receive a site visit and report which will evaluate energy saving potentials and further identify and evaluate energy conservation opportunities (ECOs). The energy survey will be tailored to your needs and can highlight priority areas where both CO2 and financial savings may be made. Recommendations will include cost and associated paybacks of ECO implementation.

The report may include further in depth analysis which would:

  • Identify annual gas and electricity consumption and associated CO2 emissions.
  • Provide an energy rating for your building comparing it to other buildings of a similar type.
  • Summarise current site metering arrangements and suggest a monitoring and targeting action plan.
  • Degree day analysis and half hourly analysis to help pinpoint anomalies in your sites energy consumption.

WERG has accredited energy assessors who are also CIBSE registered Low Carbon Consultants who will carry out the energy survey.