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A discipline specific series of learning packages

Project leader: Glen Longden-Thurgood

The discipline specific ICT resource is a series of learning packages that edit down applications to their essential elements in the first instance and the targeted elements in the second.

As applications develop they become increasingly complex and time consuming to learn. In addition to this, most applications serve several purposes that cross numerous disciplines. A complete application package will often contain elements that will never be used by one discipline and but will be used continuously by another.

In terms of Architecture and Interior Architecture there are few industry standard applications other than the ones that emphasise the production of accurate orthographic or engineering drawings. This has created the necessity for architects and designers to appropriate applications from other creative fields that share some common needs. We commonly use Photoshop, In-Design and Illustrator, applications that were developed with publishing in mind, and applications such as Cinema 4D that were developed for the production of CGI blockbusters.

The generic learning packages that come with these applications contain large amounts of material that is generally not relevant to the field of design, often making it difficult for the novice to discern what is useful and what is not.

The discipline specific ICT resource has built on the teaching developed over the past three years for the Architecture and Interior Architecture and Urban Design programmes.

In recognition of the fact that students learn in different ways we have made use of the resource to deliver material that allows students to develop individual learning mechanisms whilst being fully supported by the teaching and technical staff.

The site can be viewed here (currently University of Brighton members only)