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RIBApedia - A wiki-based collaboration tool led by the Research & Development Department at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

Project team: Keith Snook (leader) and Clare Sinclair

RIBApedia is an online wiki that anyone can easily edit and contribute to. In other words, it is an ideal way to increase collaboration and communication across the architectural research and practitioner community.

RIBApedia intends to develop a shared, openly accessible repository of architectural knowledge. This will grow and evolve as a result of people adding material to its collection of editable web pages. RIBApedia has a useful set of key topics and resources, yet is flexible enough to adapt to new thinking and shifts in focus:

  • Study guidance and reading lists
  • Rsearch papers and study venues
  • Research and study awards
  • Profiles of research institutions, schools of architecture, funding bodies, and practices engaged in research
  • Links to research and study blogs, journals, and online databases
  • Guidance on research funding

The dynamic nature of wikis means that the information they contain is more likely to be both current and accurate than static knowledge management systems:

"Wikis may be ideal in building communities of practice by creating a collective repository of expertise in a subject area, which is refined over time by the contributions and problem-solving of interested individuals." (Godwin-Jones, 2003)

RIBApedia can address a variety of pedagogical and academic needs: student involvement, interactive and group activities for students, access to resources, external links, and sharing project information. RIBApedia can thus be highly suitable for educational use and enable faculty and students to engage in collaborative activities.

RIBApedia also forms an organically growing "community space" where people can deposit and share research, thoughts, ideas, and articles. It is essentially ‘peer-reviewed’ and maintained because everyone in the community can read and edit content.

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