2012 Imperative Teach-In


Raising the profile of ecological literacy within design education

Project leader: Jody Boehnert

The 2012 Imperative Teach-in took place on October 12th at the Victoria and Albert Museum and was also broadcast live on-line in classrooms, meeting rooms and lecture theatres internationally. The student conference at the V&A was attended by 250 people from over a dozen universities and had a remote audience of at least three times this number.

The lectures have been posted on-line (http://www.teach-in.co.uk) and over 230 people are collaborating on an open on-line community (http://teach-in.ning.com). The project covers all design disciplines: architecture, communication, product, landscape design, fashion design and engineering. The project was produced University of Brighton PhD student Jody Boehnert and part-funded by DesignCETL.