HWRC User Activity

HWRC User Activity
Map of users for the Eastbourne HWRC

Despite the importance of HWRC in managing waste there are few studies which have reported on the activity of site users.

In 1999 WERG worked in partnership with East Sussex County Council to monitor site activity. Approximately 1,000 site users were surveyed over a week with auditors recording information on the composition of waste that each user was deposited. Only those site users that were depositing waste onto the main pile were monitored – not those that were segregating their waste to use the recycling facilities.

Surprisingly research showed that 40% of total users monitored deposited garden waste onto the residual waste pile – this was despite facilities being offered for segregating garden waste. A large number of users also deposited bagged household waste, timber, cardboard and waste from small scale building projects (DIY). Users were also questioned in regards to where the waste originated. Using GIS analysis it was possible to map from where users were travelling to deposit materials.

The results show that 96% of users lived within a 5 minute drive from the site. Since this research was conducted the council has implemented a range of initiatives which aim to increase levels of recycling.